Rock On! Rock OOoon (yeah, yeah, yeah!)

May, May, May! Toukokuu! A month I’ve waited for since I started the school year in August. Only more two weeks until graduation!

So far, I have A pluses on all my subjects. It’s not that hard to do the job; I sometimes find myself not fully conscious when doing it. The answers are in the textbooks, and one rarely has to think hard to find them.

This school really saved me…really brought me up from that pit of tears and constant put-downs.

To be quite honest, I was a bit annoyed by the fact that I did not appear much in the yearbook. I know I avoid most forms of socializing, but I feel I’ve been the one who has worked the hardest in that school. Those who got appearances in almost every page were thugs, disrespectful drug-users dumbasses, and those girls whose attire resembles those of sluts.

I am better than them, however. I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, and I don’t get detention. I will have a much better future. Even if I didn’t appear in the “Most Likely To Succeed” category, I’ll probably end up making more money than them.

What was pretty cool was that under my Senior portrait a certain quote of a certain actress was included. And she was not credited.

Besides my thug classmates and my hostile attitude towards them, I’m very happy to be graduating. I don’t think they’ll make me give a speech like Rory Gilmore, but I hope my graduation ceremony is something memorable that I could always be proud of. I am! Two years ago I was being homeschooled and there were those days when I couldn’t get out of bed until four in the afternoon. I’m really happy I am not fifteen anymore. That was an awful year.

My life stabilized for a bit. My mother is treating me very nicely, which confuses me, but I’ll just accept it.

I went to the gynecologist and we just talked. I don’t think the woman took my morning nausea worry so seriously and she also suggested medication a second after I mentioned PMS. She smiled at almost anything I said. I ended up taking birth control pills home. Now only two weeks or so and I can take them!

I’ve dedicated my time to watching films again, yes! I watched a really good one on Sunday, All The President’s Men. Between a nap, it took me ten hours to watch because they kept bringing up all these names and it was hard to follow. Richard Nixon….how could you be….such…a dumbass? I loved Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman together…They were like old friends. Robert looks so much like a Ken doll. There are few men that look exactly like Ken dolls…Jack Kennedy was one of them. Maybe Henry Fonda. But Robert Redford was Ken for sure.

The Watergate Scandal is intriguing, mainly because there was so much invested into trying to cover it up. I ended up going to school the next day and telling my teacher and he told me he was a teen when it happened. He also remembers seeing Nixon resign on the television, one of the most humiliating times in American politics, in my opinion.

All The President’s Men should be watched by anyone living in America and for those who are interested in its history. It is an important film and a lot of work went into the script so they could get facts and details right.

You know, I think an episode of Gilmore Girls did an episode related to the film…When Rory had to see the a girl in the parking lot about Paris’s secret? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

The other day I went to catch a screening of a Buster Keaton movie, just to get out of the house. I had already seen it, and I was dreading being around people. The feeling of dread was right. I found myself bothered by the amounts of people…I had a desperate feeling to jump up and leave. They seemed so nice though. Why was I so irritated? I don’t go the movies often because I like the experience when it’s only for myself. Hearing people laugh or cry just bursts my nerves. I found myself yawning through the whole film! I had enjoyed it the first time I watched it. It was probably my bad mood.

So, don’t be hurt, Buster, you are still hilarious. Maybe I was jealous of people liking the movie.

This was a way of practicing exposure for my jealousy and it feels terrible. I was sad all the way home.

Let’s move on to a much merrier topic!

My grandmother is sending me the money that will pay for my plane ticket for my trip! Hooray! I am still getting a job, however! Yesterday I applied for a job in the movie theater. I am not cleaning bathrooms.

With this, Finland waits for me. I can’t wait to try its pea soup. My Finnish has improved so much lately! I could understand some phrases when people talk!  I sometimes watch the Parliament and understand a bit more.

Soon, I’m going to go back to watching Rings on Her Fingers, starring Gene Tierney and Henry Fonda…I do agree with Mr. Fonda that the script sucks. Gene talks like Dorothy Gale. It’s kind of funny so far.

By God, what an exciting year!

Graduation, Pola Negri coming to San Francisco, traveling to Europe, and attending college in the fall!!!


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