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November 2016

The Horrors of Black Friday (Coupon Drama Edition)

I agreed to work an eight hour shift during Thanksgiving for double pay. I thought pre Black Friday would not be a horror. It was probably going to be slow. “I might get some of my college reading done!” I foolishly thought. Continue reading “The Horrors of Black Friday (Coupon Drama Edition)”


I am obsessed with Melania Trump’s commercial

I was researching about our future First Lady’s taste of fashion and makeup when I found this wildly interesting commercial that she made during the 90’s.

Curiously enough, here she is shown as a president. Beautiful, youthful, and ready to work.

I love this commercial because it shows a confident woman successful in her profession. She looks prepared!

I want to be like that in the future. It looks so stylish and it reminds me of Barbie somehow. Looking beautiful with incredible makeup and a fashionable red coat…I’d feel grand!

I have been getting interested in fashion lately mainly because during slow days at work I leaf through many magazines. It would be a dream to wear that $3,000 dollar Prada dress I saw in a magazine the other day. Smart and confident…that is what I aspire to be!

Melania Trump will be our First Lady! How exciting!

Psychology and work may break my heart, but I’ll always have T.Rex

I just spent about three days studying for my psychology exam and I got an….84. My last score was 90, but that was when I barely studied and took advantage of the open book opportunity that I had for ninety minutes. Continue reading “Psychology and work may break my heart, but I’ll always have T.Rex”

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