Hear Me Talk of Sin

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October 2015

Saturday morning….

My God, it’s Saturday! Alas, I meant to sleep in, but awoke at eight in the morn. I dreamt my science teacher came over to have breakfast.

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Help me from the Fire

Ooh, the irritation is back. I can sense it coming. It’s not very friendly.

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Sumurun (1920)

Saying this is my favorite silent movie is like trying to explain to someone why I learn Finnish. I don’t need it, it’s not necessary; there are better languages out there, but experiencing and appreciating it is a whole different deal. At times I am confused and slightly bored, yet I know it is worth it.

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Okay, this is getting pretty strange and I am being truthful. Two days ago or yesterday, I thought I read something about Maureen O’ Hara being dead. “Nah..” I thought.

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I feel quite happy at the moment. Not excessively happy. Just happy to be living. To be part of quite a remarkable species. I also felt a great urge to write. Continue reading “Triumph!”

Aurens in Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia is truly a magnificent film. It reminded me how I love long movies, if they are epics especially.

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My least favorite films

I have many films I did not like and sure regretted seeing. Most of them have put me in a bitter mood, sometimes to the point of crying.

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R.I.P. Gail Zappa

Thank you for remaining brave and for your greatness as a woman. Continue reading “R.I.P. Gail Zappa”

Mazurka (1935)

I re-watched this masterpiece two days ago in the morning. My friend and I were chatting about movies and such. She recommended me A¬†Clockwork Orange, which I’ll see sometime soon, as I recommended good old Mazurka. Continue reading “Mazurka (1935)”

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