Hear Me Talk of Sin

and you know this is it…


(I really love the movie Joker)

I am really supposed to be finishing my German online lessons, but how I missed writing. Really, I do not write because there is no energy or because I see no point in describing my monotonous life of full-time work and school. But why not! Continue reading “Augenblick”

I have not forgotten!

Oh my lord. It has been six months. Six looong months since I have posted anything here. I remember when I was 16 and 17 I would write on this regularly. It was my companion for a while, but then I got older and had to face the usual responsibilities. I have a break now from such horrors and I never did forget my darling blog, so I am back!!! Continue reading “I have not forgotten!”

Lovely summer and silent movies

June! My face is starting to feel drier than usual (lovely beginning of summer) and I don’t remember which foundation I own has necessary SPF to protect my face from the dreaded appearance of freckles or sun spots.

California will feel like a sauna in the upcoming weeks and my young skin fears the malignant rays of the boiling sun 🙂

Continue reading “Lovely summer and silent movies”

oh Friday…

Hello, hello!!! I write while I blast Andy Williams sing “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”. I remember seeing this movie! It was so very sad 😦

(The image above depicts how I usually spend my Fridays)

Anyway, hi, hi, hi! Can you believe I have been gone three months? Me neither! I mean, I have drafts from two months ago, but I never did finish them.   Continue reading “oh Friday…”

I am a woman of the world!

Okay, I have a lot of homework to do for two heavy college classes, but I so missed my blog and wanted to write in it.

Continue reading “I am a woman of the world!”

Bye, oh, bye, 2017…

I liked this year. My mind was focused on practical things. I focused on a lot on math. Gained more work experience! Visited my favorite star’s place of rest. Said farewell to parts of my adolescence…

Continue reading “Bye, oh, bye, 2017…”

Visiting Los Angeles

About just yesterday night I returned from L.A. I had not been there for seven years. The city was a tad different from what I remembered.  Continue reading “Visiting Los Angeles”

Rest In Peace, Marc

Swans do fly high above you

All the time

Prince of Sun from his pavilion

Makes you shine

Come into my garden lady love

Maybe I can hold your gold hand

Glide within my gold grove lady love

Know the earth and you’ll understand

Pola Negri left this Earth 30 years ago

Oh Pola. I’ve been busy and tired, but I have not forgotten that you died…sigh…you died 30 years ago today. You had a brain tumor, but pneumonia took you from this world.
Recently I went to Hearst Castle and I felt your presence. That is where you must have seen Valentino for the first time. I felt the energy of the parties at night with Marion and her man… Continue reading “Pola Negri left this Earth 30 years ago”

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