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10 years

Ten years ago, on the very day, April 20th, 2010, I saw my favorite band for the first time. Continue reading “10 years”

5 weeks of Quarantine

I am pretty sure I have been five weeks stuck at home. Each day my fear of getting infected with COVID-19 increases, which gives reason to my agoraphobia relapse.

Continue reading “5 weeks of Quarantine”

I watched a sad movie

Staying indoors is slightly getting to me. I always am inside my house, but now that by law we are supposed to, it feels strange.

Continue reading “I watched a sad movie”


Ok, this year is weirding me out.

Fortunately, I have been binging on Ingmar Bergman on my beloved Criterion Channel. Yes, I have that much time now.

Continue reading “Quarantine”

I am smiling

Oh my lord, it is 2020. It is a brand new decade and I am now 22 years old. The anniversary of my birth was not as special as when I turned 7 or 12, but my family was still with me. Continue reading “I am smiling”


(I really love the movie Joker)

I am really supposed to be finishing my German online lessons, but how I missed writing. Really, I do not write because there is no energy or because I see no point in describing my monotonous life of full-time work and school. But why not! Continue reading “Augenblick”

I have not forgotten!

Oh my lord. It has been six months. Six looong months since I have posted anything here. I remember when I was 16 and 17 I would write on this regularly. It was my companion for a while, but then I got older and had to face the usual responsibilities. I have a break now from such horrors and I never did forget my darling blog, so I am back!!! Continue reading “I have not forgotten!”

Lovely summer and silent movies

June! My face is starting to feel drier than usual (lovely beginning of summer) and I don’t remember which foundation I own has necessary SPF to protect my face from the dreaded appearance of freckles or sun spots.

California will feel like a sauna in the upcoming weeks and my young skin fears the malignant rays of the boiling sun 🙂

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oh Friday…

Hello, hello!!! I write while I blast Andy Williams sing “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”. I remember seeing this movie! It was so very sad 😦

(The image above depicts how I usually spend my Fridays)

Anyway, hi, hi, hi! Can you believe I have been gone three months? Me neither! I mean, I have drafts from two months ago, but I never did finish them.   Continue reading “oh Friday…”

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