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My future, oh, the future!

Worrying about my future increased to a daily basis when I turned eighteen. Then when I turned nineteen I started to feel undecided about it.

I write about my career choice. It used to be so clear!

When I was eleven, I wanted to be a surgeon. Continue reading “My future, oh, the future!”

Helsinki, Finland

Ah, a post I have wanted to write ever since I left Helsinki on that sad September day (in which I cried)…. Continue reading “Helsinki, Finland”

Bergen, Norway

I visited Bergen, Norway, about seven months ago. It was something so dear! I will never forget the first European city I ever visited 🙂 Continue reading “Bergen, Norway”

The Films of Maya Deren

Today I am writing about one of my favorite ladies, Maya Deren. She was an spectacular filmmaker that worked hard to make her art known. Continue reading “The Films of Maya Deren”

The Razor’s Edge (1946)

Why am I here and what am I supposed to do?

These are big questions asked in the film. Continue reading “The Razor’s Edge (1946)”

Songs I really like: “The Time Of Love Is Now” by T.Rex and “Je Suis Moi” by Françoise Hardy

It is five in the morning and due to an insufferable condition called insomnia I do not have anything better to do than just think of my favorite tunes. Continue reading “Songs I really like: “The Time Of Love Is Now” by T.Rex and “Je Suis Moi” by Françoise Hardy”

Tomorrow is my birthday and I have a feeling of peace about it

Yesterday night I had a dream in which I had a haircut. The stylist chopped half of my hair off and I appeared to be quite ecstatic. It’s something about the length of your hair that can affect your life, or at least represent it.  Continue reading “Tomorrow is my birthday and I have a feeling of peace about it”

Madame Dubarry (1919)

About two weeks ago I saw Madame Dubarry at the Stanford Theatre. I had raved for about two days because I discovered the movie would screen on a Sunday and it was already Friday. It was a magnificent experience. Continue reading “Madame Dubarry (1919)”

Donald Trump is sworn in as 45th President of the United States

It has been a both historic and happy day for me. I have waited a long time for time for this! Congratulations, Donald J. Trump. I do accept you as my President. Many said you would not even get nominated! You did it for us. Melania looks so classy.

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