Hear Me Talk of Sin

and you know this is it…


January 2016

Keep on riding that hard road

This week I found myself turning vegetarian, yelling at a brat, and getting irritated with school.

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Design for Living (1933)

My eyebrows furrow. My lips are sealed and puckered. I sit here writing on my phone.

“Hmm.” I say in a form of interest. Then I sigh.

So…they’re in a threesome relationship…without sex. Continue reading “Design for Living (1933)”

Happy birthday, Ernst Lubitsch

It’s the birthday of my favorite director today. TCM, I believe, is screening a bunch of his films, but I no longer have it since it didn’t play films according to my picky taste. They’re showing mostly his talkies, and, of course, not the silents that he made with Pola Negri. Continue reading “Happy birthday, Ernst Lubitsch”

My life is magma but as years pass it becomes lava

Good mor-or Good afternoon! I feel excited to write in my little blog with its many images, even though I know I must continue my geography work. Continue reading “My life is magma but as years pass it becomes lava”

Heaven Can Wait (1943)

I really want to have dinner with Ernst Lubitsch. Not as a date, but as an outing to discuss artistic achievements. Before I wanted to kiss his hand; now I want him to teach me all about his profession. Continue reading “Heaven Can Wait (1943)”

I grow

I’ve been having the spine-chilling realization that my birthday is in twenty-seven days. Continue reading “I grow”

Farewell Alan Rickman

Sigh…sigh. Continue reading “Farewell Alan Rickman”

Sleeping awake through the day

It is eight in the morn and I just recently arrived to school in the clothes I wore to sleep last night. “Over” by Portishead plays in my phone. My teacher says I have free time because one of the three students didn’t show up. I am exhausted.

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What a strange occurrence

Last night I happened to be filling out forms related to college while also listening to my Pandora app in my phone. After a while I decided to take a break and check out the thing. There were so many radios I didn’t listen to, including the one of David Bowie.  Continue reading “What a strange occurrence”

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