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May 2015

Happy birthday to my Vincent Price!

May this beautified male darling enjoy it greatly with his laugh…..and sculpting….. Continue reading “Happy birthday to my Vincent Price!”


Heil myself!


It’s Lubitsch. I will see anything Lubitsch.  Continue reading “Heil myself!”

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

Oh, god! I cried. Yes, I cried to the most beautiful silent film I’ve ever seen. I felt a salty tear slowly swim down from my eyelid. It was all so precious. This I really mean!  Continue reading “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans”

The Blue Bus is calling us

It is almost midnight and I’m singing along with all my vocal strength in my room…… Continue reading “The Blue Bus is calling us”

I’m losing status at the high school (I used to think that it was my school)

I’m skipping school today. I am glad for that.  Continue reading “I’m losing status at the high school (I used to think that it was my school)”

I won a Pola Negri autograph!


Okay, so it wasn’t a winning contest. It was a bid on Ebay and I had stressed about it really all day. Continue reading “I won a Pola Negri autograph!”

Pola Negri: The Fatalist

Very interesting 😀

Write, Re-Write, Repeat

From:  “A Creature of Flame and Desire,” by Sergio Delgado, Copyright, 2014.

During her reign in the 1920’s, the press made Miss Negri’s love life into something of a sport:  who was she seeing?  How long would it last?  Who was she engaged to?  Would they ever get married?   Pola must have found the whole thing amusing and helpful in terms of publicity.  There are many instances in which she hinted at an engagement with a “well-known Englishman” or “a wealthy American Businessman,” and giving some excuse for not naming names.  Ultimately, the press managed to ferret out the identity of her swains, only to come up with a denial from the intended.

She had a few very serious and very public love affairs over the years.  None of them lasted and most of them ended in disaster.  In fact, most of the men in her life–and one woman–died on…

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Ode to Pola

This is beyond beautiful!

Write, Re-Write, Repeat

From “Motion Picture Magazine,” June, 1923:


If an aged philosopher stood before
Her portrait hanging in the hall of fame,
i think he would muse thus:
A thousand jeweled nights are in her eyes,
While luring shadows lie in her black hair;
the smoke wreathes curl from her enticing lips
As perfume from the heart of a red rose;
She loves or hates, known no neutral plane.
The flush of life spreads o’er that rounded cheek.
That ivory neck, which like a slender shaft
soars from its pearly base.
And she has found the fourth dimension,
Which is Romance.
Ah, Romance.
How tightly does she hold you by her hand
‘Tis said to be a genius
One must have a spice of madness
It is there—the madness of a love of life
And life of love.
Ah me, to be her lover!
“A Creature of Flame and Desire,” Copyright…

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Private Life of a Cat

I just watched a short silent film….about cats.  Continue reading “Private Life of a Cat”

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