Hear Me Talk of Sin

and you know this is it…


February 2016

Bestia (1917)

Pola Negri plays a disobedient teenager! Continue reading “Bestia (1917)”


Bemoaning at one in the morning

It’s midnight already, so I’ll consider myself a nocturnal writer. With the lights on, of course. I hate darkness. Continue reading “Bemoaning at one in the morning”

I know I’m small, but I enjoy living anyway

Why, oh, why are my eyes not red yet? This has been the most demanding week by far. Continue reading “I know I’m small, but I enjoy living anyway”

My birthday

Eighteen? I still feel thirteen. Peter Pan complex.
Continue reading “My birthday”

A restaurant has fed me dead pig

Today I dined in a popular restaurant called Applebee’s and I was served bacon. Continue reading “A restaurant has fed me dead pig”

Mr. Jealousy

Today I actually felt afraid of visiting the places I enjoy. Before, they brought me satisfaction after feeling so hopeless about feeling bored, but now I just get anxiety about walking inside.
Continue reading “Mr. Jealousy”

Before the birthday candle comes study and the blues

I’m lying in bed knowing studies do not overwhelm me at the moment.
Continue reading “Before the birthday candle comes study and the blues”

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