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March 2016

I have a dream, a fantasy, to help me through reality

I feel kind of nauseous this morning. Since last Tuesday, I’ve been suffering from morning sickness, and I’m not even pregnant. Continue reading “I have a dream, a fantasy, to help me through reality”


Coming out of the Trump closet

It seems that telling your opinion still does get you censored and harshly criticized. I seriously thought that this generation was all about equality and free speech and being tolerant of others’ views. Continue reading “Coming out of the Trump closet”

Poison Fish

I can’t even sneeze or cough properly. I feel as sore after a workout. Continue reading “Poison Fish”


I really do love this photograph. I have got to say that pictures of her taken during A Woman Commands really brought out her seductive beauty. Her eyes dominate you. She’s staring, but what might she be thinking? Is she examining? Disapproving? Such eyes she had! Pola was meant to be mainly photographed in black and white, the colors she would often wear.

I quite don’t know the source of this, but I found it in a page for her in Facebook.

I can just look at this for some time and still be transfixed. Her image is inspiring in some way.

Months ago I went into this magazine archive website from the early 20th century and spent hours looking for Pola Negri images.

These are some of my very favorites. I don’t own these images. I found them here.

I remember getting headaches from saving so many pictures.

Anyway, Pola Negri was a beautiful woman. Pola commands.

Dear Jehova’s Witnesses,

You make me waste my time by coming to the door. Continue reading “Dear Jehova’s Witnesses,”

The world is a preacher man and he talks in confusion

My entire week was a blur. A Nascar driver blur.
Continue reading “The world is a preacher man and he talks in confusion”

Pola Negri jilts Chaplin

Yesterday I was reading Pola’s autobiography for fun and, at the end of the chapter about Chaplin, she includes the news headline:

Pola Negri jilts Chaplin

The day of its publication was March 2, 1923. It was a strange coincidence that at midnight I would see that.

Charlie Chaplin was dumped 93 years ago today for being a bitchy little man.

Here they are posing after announcing their pretend engagement at Pebble Beach, California, just to keep reporters away.

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