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December 2015

The many happenings and discoveries of 2015

The year is coming to an end. It felt speedy. It was like a bolt through time. Instead of appreciating youth and moments, I focused mainly on what I discovered and worried.


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The rhythm of life is all too strong

(11 in the morn) It has been about thirty minutes since I have woken up and I feel like caca.

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Drinking hot chocolate and partying with Tchaikovsky

Ah, a fine Tuesday this is. And I surprisingly feel okay.

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Wintertime winds blow cold the season

Alas, my finals have at last been finished. I am free for the next two weeks in this icy thirty degree weather. Continue reading “Wintertime winds blow cold the season”

Sour Times with a pinch of nicotine

I must be out of my mind.

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And There Will Your Heart Be Also (my education)

Sunday! Domingo! Sunnuntai! (In all the three languages I could say it in)

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I am tired, I am weary

How does one actually spend a Sunday? Some attend Church, others go hang with pals, and…there’s me. Continue reading “I am tired, I am weary”

My long awaited Nordic quest

So, it is finally happening. At last, the numerous fantasies in my mind are coming to life. In only nine months.

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And when I’m sad, I slide

I should study for my test. I should’ve started an hour ago. Then again…my score is always a hundred percent. However, this time I have to memorize a graph about seismic waves. I’ll go glue my eyes on the study guide in a little bit.

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