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July 2016

Summertime Sadness and upcoming excitements

For some days, I felt my life had gone awry, but in a terrible manner. Continue reading “Summertime Sadness and upcoming excitements”


Pola Negri’s extremely rare films

I wrote a post some years ago about why more of Pola Negri’s movies should be globally available to the public. The thing is that I’ve been fortunate to see some of the movies I included on that post, but I still would want to see those that are in film museums and archives all over the world. Continue reading “Pola Negri’s extremely rare films”

Spark of Hope (with Gene Tierney’s smile to help)

I think I did it! I may be getting hired very soon. I hope. I very much hope. I even prayed. Continue reading “Spark of Hope (with Gene Tierney’s smile to help)”

Hear Me Talk of Sin turns two!

My darling little blog is growing up. I can barely recall how my life was before its creation. Well, I do remember I kept more diaries. I do miss that… Continue reading “Hear Me Talk of Sin turns two!”

My favorite Barbie dolls: Before and After

Barbies were my greatest friends I had during my childhood. I had hundreds of them and would always spend hours playing. Continue reading “My favorite Barbie dolls: Before and After”

I hate this bitch. She is Satan. I feel ashamed of living in America today.

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