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June 2016

Yeah, there’s no equality

Today, I experienced my real dose of Twitter drama. For me it is a very lonely place, mostly because before I just used to retweet things about movies. This year, though, is my political year and things go berserk. Continue reading “Yeah, there’s no equality”

Celebrate Summer

Summer started today. The temperature where I live was about 97 Fahrenheit and probably still is. It was dry, too, so I have to constantly keep the fan on.

Summer should be adventurous and give one the feeling that life is a party. I would like a fresher summer; one that isn’t boiling. Continue reading “Celebrate Summer”

My words on terrorism

I don’t write much about world news, but this certain topic which I shall discuss has made me quite angry since yesterday. Continue reading “My words on terrorism”

What I’ve been doing

I have not written here for a while…like really written. Due to the misfortune that I had to return my computer to my school, I could not write and typing from my phone gives me hand cramps. Continue reading “What I’ve been doing”

So I voted

It was one of the proudest things I’ve ever done since I came to this country. I felt I was contributing; that I was a part of a group.
Continue reading “So I voted”

My experiences at Trump rallies

Oh, Donald Trump…The most talked about person on this planet at the moment. Is it really possible for a normal citizen to shake his hand or see him on the street? Nah, of course not. He’s incredibly close to becoming president!
Continue reading “My experiences at Trump rallies”

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