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November 2015

Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler (1922)

If you know how to play cards, this movie will be one peculiar crime drama. As for me, I never learned to play cards, besides Uno. That wasn’t an issue though! I quite enjoyed it. Dr. Mabuse is one amusing, dickhead of a character. I didn’t burst out laughing. My eyes looked at the story with curious awe. Continue reading “Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler (1922)”



Yesterday night I came upon the tragic news that Rudolph Valentino was featured in some popular television show called American Horror Story. I already disliked it…. but yesterday just sent me into a bitter rage.

Continue reading “Why?”

Woman in the Moon (1929)

The moon unites people. It illuminates our planet in the hour of darkness. The moon fascinates all because it is the closest thing to this planet, or so I think.

Continue reading “Woman in the Moon (1929)”

I amuse myself

Have you ever laughed so terribly hard? Well, today I did. It is nice to amuse oneself. Continue reading “I amuse myself”

Being useful in the Crowd of this planet

It’s been such a long, long, long week. I’ve been quite busy with studies at last! Continue reading “Being useful in the Crowd of this planet”

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