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October 2014

Tortura Mental

Last night, my sister and I watched one of the eeriest silent films in my consideration, Sappho (Mad Love). She kept insisting on watching it and I couldn’t say no. I’ve seen it before and still felt the brooding, spine-chilling vibe it gave me when watching it again. Keep Reading


Happy Birthday Elsa Lanchester!

Happy birthday to Elsa! The woman who possessed sheer feminine power! She may not be so well-remembered but you can guess who she played by the look of her eyes! Keep Reading


As I was about to take my nightly rest, I began to think of one of my favorite Pacino movies, Serpico. It is to be known right now that Al Pacino was my first cinematic love and has always been my favorite actor. I could tell the tale of how I first fell for him and his talents but that is for later. Now is Serpico. Keep Reading

Valentino Mania

I just arrived to my home and found my sister in tears after having watched The Sheik. She has been smitten with Valentino ever since we saw the sequel to that film last month. Keep Reading

This pain….

A scream was in my head yesterday when a lady doctor poked the right side of my foot with a needle in a syringe in order to numb it down. As she inserted it, I could feel the way it profoundly entered my tissue and my fat. I wanted to scream just like the lads did in this Abruptum album. Keep Reading

Tango Notturno gains recognition?

It is midnight and I was just browsing for more Pola videos and found this. I’ve heard the song numerously and learned that this has just been included in the soundtrack of a television show called American Horror Story: Freakshow. Keep Reading

Miguel Bosé was a dashing ballet dancer

Three hours were spent looking for this song last night because I hadn’t thought about it in years. It was a torturous earworm indeed. I don’t hear much Spanish language music anymore but I did before when my mother forced me to. Miguel Bosé sang here? My mother is sort of his fan. He has some catchy tunes, not bad. Keep Reading


Holy hell, do I miss 31 Minutos. It was my grandest craze when I was younger. I’d run to the living room when it was on and attentively glue my eyes to the television. Keep Reading

My mind is my foe

I had my blood drawn today. Some lady just pricked my skin with a needle and that was it. All for my beloved lithium; all for you, my darling. Keep Reading

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