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March 2015

Pola’s Directors—No. 1 Ernst Lubitsch

This is very important! They made a remarkable impact on silent cinema together! This so wonderfully informs the reader of Pola Negri’s collaboration with the incredible Ernst Lubitsch 🙂

Pola Negri: Temptress of Silent Hollywood

Ernst Lubitsch was the architect to Miss Negri’s rise to acting prominence, directing her in “Eyes of the Mummy” (1918) before making her a star with “Carmen” aka “Gypsy Blood” (1918) and “Du Barry” aka “Passion.”   (1919)  He also directed Pola in “Sumurun,” (1920) and “The Wildcat” and “The Flame” (both 1921).

Here’s Pola and Lubitsch during the filming of “The Wildcat” in the mountains of Bavaria. (Just love that head of hair on Pola!)


Publicly, Pola always spoke of Ernst Lubitsch as her favorite director and he always considered her the greatest talent he was ever associated with in the picture business.  Certainly he was the one director who knew how to get the best out of her and there is no doubt that she made it to America because of the pictures she made with him.  Yet, behind the scenes, it is said that Lubitsch felt that Pola…

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I am busy drowning in my tedium

Darlings, darlings. I’ve thought of writing a post….for the past week…but I couldn’t find the right words so I thought, “Fuck it. It’s my blog. I could even write a poem about my socks if I wanted to.” Keep Reading

The Phantom Carriage

Screenshot (149)

I can’t hesitate to say that this is a good movie. No. It’s more than that. It’s a life lesson which makes you question if you are amiable in life and grateful, to say the least, and destined for paradise. Keep Reading

Blissful Garbo

I just watched an incredible silent film called The Mysterious Lady, starring Greta Garbo and Conrad Nagel. It had been on my watchlist for months, as I had bought the Garbo silents box set months ago. Keep Reading

My world is coming down

Trust me, I’m not as glamorous as Pola.

I can’t get out of bed today. Nope. I refuse to. It’s been like that all week. I drag myself to school for three hours and I throw myself in my bed when coming home. Keep Reading

Damned side effects

Today, I have been confined to my bed in the middle of the day because of a headache that won’t go away and I took a painkiller an hour ago. I get unbearable headaches every two days and at times they don’t go away even if I take two painkillers. What is causing this, one may ask. It’s that Zoloft. Fucking Zoloft. Or maybe it’s because I am dehydrated because I love Pepsi so much. Keep Reading

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