My Eyes

Dear, I probably just spent six measly hours playing The Sims 2. This gaming website gave away the whole game with all the stuff packs for free. That is, of course, for a limited time. Keep Reading



Hey, I barely listen to heavy metal anymore. I don’t know what happened. There are still some songs and bands left….Let me see…. Keep Reading

Sometimes there’s God

You know, I used to find the internet a waste of time but now…I have a different view for it. It distracts me a lot. Being addicted to the web isn’t so bad. I remember when I was immersed in the social media world I wasn’t so lonesome or sad. I actually made some interesting…erm…obsessive posts and discussed my passions for film and music and all of that. Keep Reading

We’ll be happy forever

I cried yesterday as much as I did in October. I was sobbing in a Peruvian restaurant, as I grasped a napkin to my face. It felt great to let out such emotions…such frustration being unleashed finally. I had been having issues with my mother and father detesting each other even though they are divorced now; yesterday I felt at my worst. Keep Reading