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July 2014

My Eyes

Dear, I probably just spent six measly hours playing The Sims 2. This gaming website gave away the whole game with all the stuff packs for free. That is, of course, for a limited time. Keep Reading



Hey, I barely listen to heavy metal anymore. I don’t know what happened. There are still some songs and bands left….Let me see…. Keep Reading

Sometimes there’s God

You know, I used to find the internet a waste of time but now…I have a different view for it. It distracts me a lot. Being addicted to the web isn’t so bad. I remember when I was immersed in the social media world I wasn’t so lonesome or sad. I actually made some interesting…erm…obsessive posts and discussed my passions for film and music and all of that. Keep Reading

We’ll be happy forever

I cried yesterday as much as I did in October. I was sobbing in a Peruvian restaurant, as I grasped a napkin to my face. It felt great to let out such emotions…such frustration being unleashed finally. I had been having issues with my mother and father detesting each other even though they are divorced now; yesterday I felt at my worst. Keep Reading

In Heaven, everything is fine

This is my favorite part from Eraserhead! It’s so very unexpected (well, everything is in that film) and this song has always resided in my cardiovascular system! Keep Reading

Touko Laaksonen is God

I may have probably said this a trillion times but…Touko Laaksonen is godly! Keep Reading

A boring hell

A haircut does more than change your face. It changes attitudes, self-esteem and moods. I chopped most of my long hair off. It was boring to have it, too warm, it took so long to wash and it just kept falling. Keep Reading

Done with Tumblr

I still may not believe it but I deleted my Tumblr account as of yesterday. It took too much of my time for about three months. Sometimes, to admit, I’d be in it all day and the headaches would come. Keep Reading

I love Miss Vivling

I…for years now….have been allured by Vivien Leigh’s magnificence. When I saw Gone With the Wind as a thirteen-year-old maiden, my life changed. Keep Reading

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