Credit to Greta Garbo for her most humble expression

My name is Isadora Laaksonen. I changed my last name thanks to Touko Laaksonen like Pola Negri did with Ada Negri. I just like how it sounds and it’s my honor to one of my idols.

I still don’t know what this blog is generally about, but I will admit that it is how I function and cope with this world. To progress is nice.

I can say that I am a huge fan of the actress Pola Negri and she is mentioned a lot.

So are other movies. Mostly black and white ones. Though I have picky taste.

My pretty obsessions keep me going. My passion for them is manifold.

I write every few days during the week, through winters and summers, solstices and equinoxes and more of the sort.

I also like Finland. Don’t know why though. I know some of its language. The politicians are funny.

Call me rabbit fighter…

Do enjoy and have a phenomenal day. Not great. Every day! A phenomenal day. 🙂