Hear Me Talk of Sin

and you know this is it…


July 2015


If you’re saddened and you know it, clap your hands. *clap clap*

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Seeing your future resting place

I think about these things often.


Several afternoons a week, I left the house and went to the old Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles, where Mama was buried. I stared dumbly at the mausoleum with its inscription, “Eleonora Chalupec, beloved mother of Pola Negri,” then I looked almost longingly at the empty place next to her where I would one day be buried and wondered how soon that day would come.

– Pola Negri, Memoirs of a Star 

Summer’s almost gone!

Okay, wow. At midnight some ten hours ago, I felt like checking my sweet dear blog. Once I did, I noticed that it had changed. What I mean is that my theme had gone back to its default mode. Not only did that, it also completely changed my menu!

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Go to San Fraaaaanciscooooo!

I went to San Francisco two days ago and took a bus tour. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for seven years and I’ve never been in one!

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Pola Negri about the death of Ernst Lubitsch

This is very sweet from her part.


But the bad times were always there. One of the most difficult was in 1947, when I learned of the death of Ernst Lubitsch. Through all the years since we first started together in pictures, we had remained close friends. The geographical distances that often separated us had done nothing to lessen the very deep ties we felt. Both Ernie and I knew that no matter where we were in the world, a call for help from one of us would bring the other running. I have said all there is to say about Ernie as a director. He was a genius. Only now, with proper historical perspective, is the full extent and scope of his magnificent talent being completely appreciated. Every month brings new critical evaluations and film festivals of his work. I am very proud to have been a part of that work. The film world misses him–so do I.

– Pola Negri, Memoirs of a Star

Double Indemnity

Pretty good movie! If you want to see stuff like murder, greed, and a guy calling his girl, “baby”, then this is for you!

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Summer Breeze

I think I’m okay again. The house is being remodeled and my sister invaded the television with her childhood show, Goosebumps.

I’m listening to Type O Negative.

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You will die in a prison of your own devise

I’m crying. I locked myself in my room. I don’t know what to do or my thoughts will get desperate.

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My CD player is currently being a dick by making the right side of the headphones sound louder and by not working with charged batteries. This is the fourth one that I’ve to yet replace in five years.

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