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February 2015

Protected: The Virgin Suicides

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Looking For Today

Oh my darlings, how do you all do? I am thankfully at peace; much better than how I was two days ago when I started┬ámy new dose of Zoloft. The good thing is that I haven’t really had that much anxiety (thank the lord TOF) and my feelings of hopelessness haven’t at all been that horrid. Keep Reading


This song is everything. Keep Reading

Yay, my second Liebster Award!


I have noticed that my past blog posts have been rather morose so I thought I would take the opportunity of accepting the Liebster Award for the second time. What? These things are fun. I couldn’t pass the chance. Keep Reading

Happy Birthday to me


My, oh, my. It’s my birthday. Well, according to WordPress. I am just writing because I won’t have time tomorrow or later today because I have to write a paper on same sex marriage. Keep Reading

The Glorious Gloria Swanson

As I wrote in my last post, I did go and catch a screening of silent films on Saturday. Actually, I forced my father to come along, and he did not fall asleep this time as he did when we watched The Four Feathers. Keep Reading


Aww, hell. “Not this again,” I thought, “I was feeling excellent and spiraled down after a reasonable amount of time.” Keep Reading

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