Ah, Basil!

Yesterday, I finished watching about three movies. Before I saw the Elvis film that was agonizing to watch, I saw The Hound of the Baskervilles. THERE WERE SUBTITLES! I’m not big on the whole Sherlock Holmes thing but that was before I saw Basil once again…… Keep Reading


The Trouble with Girls

Trouble? Oh yes, there was trouble and it was with the film, The Trouble with Girls. The whole movie left me yawning after ten minutes. I get the whole craze was with Elvis’ appearance but I didn’t get into a frenzy just for seeing him. I’m not really a fan of him. Keep Reading

Happy Birthday Ingrid!

Happy 99th birthday, Ingrid Bergman. It has also been 32 years since you died. You are surprisingly one of the actresses that I like and want to watch. I enjoy looking at your charming expressions and hearing your accent. I wish you peace in the afterlife. It’s weird how I remembered your birthday. I was seating in class and thought, “INGRID!” Hail a remarkably talented actress. May this be a celebratory day for us all.

Garbo’s spellbinding closeups

Alas, I watched Joyless Street during my French lesson. We were permitted to have a “study hour” and that to me meant free time. The poor lad who was sitting next to me appeared tired and irritably bored from peeking at the cryptic apparition in my screen. Oh well. It was time to watch more Garbo silents. Keep Reading

Movie Marathon comes to its end

Finally, by God, finally! I finished watching all the movies that I borrowed from the library. I was going to give myself some visual rest before I checked out more films but today I borrowed about three. A Douglas Fairbanks silent, Clark Gable/Joan Crawford musical, and the first film of the Sherlock Holmes series with Basil Rathbone (this one unfortunately has no subtitles). Keep Reading