Hear Me Talk of Sin

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September 2014


I had waited all month for this and it was spoiled. All due to rudeness and my own personal intolerance of people. I saw Gone With the Wind finally in the big screen. All those four hours were lived through with tempestuous emotions. Keep Reading


Come My Fanatics….

Great, by God, great damn album! I’ve never been an Electric Wizard freak at all and even tried listening to them some years ago. Well, all I heard were doomy, stoner riffs that really didn’t spark my interest. Keep Reading

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

This is one of the most infectious tunes I have ever heard. It reminds me of Kitten in the whole duration of its time. I should watch Breakfast on Pluto again because I’m starting to miss it. Keep Reading

Sweet Insomnia

Yes, yes. I have been awake since last night, getting no sleep and battling intrusive thoughts. Keep Reading


In a few hours or so, I have to run to the pharmacy to pick up my Lithium. Oh yeah, I’m gonna take meds again. The wait is impatient. Keep Reading

San Francisco Silent Autumn 2014


Oh my lord, I’m so exhausted. I thank my baby kinsman for waking me up so early in the morn because I’m such a light sleeper! I haven’t been able to slumber very well in the past nights…..This is all resulting from my excitement for the San Francisco Silent Autumn festival that I went to. Keep Reading

You are Bewitched

It all commenced with Zappa. I needed to be reminded that the malady I am afflicted with everyday is as active as ever. Keep Reading


Happy, happy birthday to you! Make it most celebratory if you wish! 109 years of perilous emotions and praise for your vocation. It’s Garbo day. I am to watch many of her films today if there is time. I hope she is enjoying herself in the afterlife.

Watching silent films with Type O Negative

Sweet Jesus! I fortunately finished all my schoolwork and decided to listen to my albums in my CD player. I usually don’t do that at home anymore but I did this time. I watched the silent movie Sumurun while listening to Type O Negative’s Life is Killing Me. What an experience! Keep Reading

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