Hear Me Talk of Sin

and you know this is it…


April 2016

Self-Portrait by Gene Tierney

For almost two months, Gene Tierney was a close friend. Continue reading “Self-Portrait by Gene Tierney”



Happy birthday to a lady who spent her life devoted to cinema, and cared less for the riches of fame and glamour.

“I make my pictures for what Hollywood spends on lipstick.” – Maya Deren

Watch out, the world’s behind you

I’m typing with a slight headache on the upper corner of my head, not caused by exposure to electronics, but by reading twenty pages of a book or so. Continue reading “Watch out, the world’s behind you”

She’s rabid in ecstasy

How very pleasant I do feel today! Nothing is at all perfect…but my life actually feels stable! Continue reading “She’s rabid in ecstasy”

Lunacy’s Back

Two weeks of hell, a visit to a hormonal Mordor. You could guess what that means. Continue reading “Lunacy’s Back”

Pushing through the darkness still another mile

What a wonderfully productive day it has been! Continue reading “Pushing through the darkness still another mile”

Near the goal of graduation, Negri, and travel

This tiring week is thankfully coming to its end and unbelievable things are to occur in some months.

First, Pola Negri is coming to San Francisco.

I shall re-write that due to the fact that Madame Negri passed away in 1987. Continue reading “Near the goal of graduation, Negri, and travel”

Amadeus (1984)

Wolfie Mozart! Figaro! Figaro! Continue reading “Amadeus (1984)”

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