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November 2014

Vincent Price is somewhere over the rainbow, way up high….

My heart has been set aflutter. Possibly the greatest song ever written for a musical, which can be heard from Judy Garland’s vocal cords in The Wizard of Oz, has been sung by Vincent Price! He was just as good as Judy, of course, but in his own ominous fashion. Keep Reading


I wish I could have seen my Zappa live….

I have real fan envy for humans who had the god-given opportunity to see Frank Zappa (also with the Mothers!) in concert when he was still alive. Keep Reading

Tom of Finland cinema!

Not that I support rape or anything, but I am loving the hell out of this film! It’s kind of a silent with merry symphonies playing when homoerotic rape is happening. Keep Reading

I found it!


My God! I finally have Wild at Heart in my possession! In my sweetest possession! After ages, I mean, ages! I’ve looked through store per store and NOTHING! Keep Reading

The stars have lost their glitter

You know, films with Judy Garland used to give me a more positive outlook in life because of all the cheerful musical numbers and smiles. That was until I saw A Star is Born. Keep Reading


Ah, the perils of boredom! I’ve tried to fight them in any way I could. Keep Reading

Valentino to Pola: Till my death do us part

I found this gem secluded among many videos and playlists yesterday afternoon. First of all, I must say that whoever made it has extraordinary editing skills and chose a great tune for it to go along. Keep Reading

The Oyster Princess!

Screenshot 2014-11-09 at 10.24.40 PM

Last night I chose to watch now one my favorite silents, The Oyster Princess. It’s a comedy involving men stricken with dipsomania, a spoiled brat, an unimpressed father, “happiness” and the foxtrot. Keep Reading

Happy birthday to Margaret Mitchell!

The woman who wrote the greatest novel for all humanity was born 114 years ago. Keep Reading

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