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September 2015

Another Woman (1988)

The draft of this post apparently got deleted when this page refreshed after freezing.

Woody Allen is outstanding at his craft. I haven’t felt much like writing…nor have felt at my best…but sometimes a film can boost one’s inspiration.

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A Woman Commands (Pola talks!)

Around an hour ago or so, I watched Pola Negri’s first talking feature, A Woman Commands. I had wanted to see this for such a time and it had been practically impossible to find.

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September Sun

Ah, the breeze is cooling down and Fall is getting near. The air is no longer boiling and I can comfortably start wearing pants again.

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Male and Female (1919)

A very enjoyable movie with fun qualities that captivated me at once. There’s a shipwreck in a scenic island, a kind of forbidden romance (that could be possible!), lavish sets, an annoying Lila Lee, and a very charismatic Gloria Swanson.

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