Hear Me Talk of Sin

and you know this is it…


April 2015

Peter Steele: five years

This day is supposed to be sad…but hasn’t really been. I’ve just been thinking of the music, instead of his death. Keep Reading


Books, Orwell and early erotic cinema

Two days ago I decided to get rid of all the books I thought would never be interesting enough to read so I donated them to my local bookstore and received some discount credit when I made a purchase. Keep Reading

Happy Easter…

Happy Easter, my darlings! I never do celebrate this nor do I have strong reasons why but what the hell! Keep Reading

My older sister is truly living and I am alone and bored in sunny California


My older sister just boarded a plane two hours ago and is now on her way to Norway. I can’t say that I am jealous but I am. I miss her but am also envious of her. She is already living! Well, she is an adult now who works hard as hell for Dior and earns a respectable salary so I don’t blame her for saving up some money to go on a trip to Scandinavia. Keep Reading

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