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December 2014

Farewell 2014!

Another year. Another year in the world. I have survived the last one with the fellow creatures of my species. Oh, what shall happen? That we are to see.

Let’s start New Year’s Eve with the film that introduced me to the spectacular Pola Negri. This year was all about her!



For the past week or so, I’ve been absorbed in the world of Jimmy Hopkins, the protagonist of a video game called Bully. I finished the game a few hours ago for the third or fourth time in my life and couldn’t feel more happy about myself. Keep Reading

Happy Birthday to Frank Zappa!

I wish my darling Zappa the loveliest 74th birthday. Keep Reading

A week with Madame Negri

pola negri 10

Pola Negri. Pola Negri. Her name keeps echoing in my head. Only because I keep doting on her persona and legacy. I never did expect myself to get obsessed with a silent actress but maybe destiny meant for that to happen. Anyway, my week has been spent watching and learning more about Miss Negri. All thanks to the darling existence of internet shopping (Amazon). Keep Reading

Happy birthday to Maila Nurmi!


Happy 92nd birthday to a woman who aspired to be something more than just a goth icon. She should have been given more roles in the movies! Keep Reading

My Clark Gable doll!


Oh, my sweet lord, I have a Clark Gable ken doll in my possession. It’s supposed to be only for collecting but I so want to play with it! Keep Reading

Happy Birthday, Jim Morrison!

Happy birthday to seemingly my second favorite idol of all time! May he be in a new town where his casual joys won’t be destroyed or else he shall go on playing. Keep Reading


Oh, I love this song and have kept it in my icy, delicate heart ever since I saw Aki Sirkesalo perform it in my DVD of Jyrki, a fun Finnish TV show from the late 90s which got later cancelled. Keep Reading

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