Hear Me Talk of Sin

and you know this is it…

The Razor’s Edge (1946)

Why am I here and what am I supposed to do?

These are big questions asked in the film. Continue reading “The Razor’s Edge (1946)”


Songs I really like: “The Time Of Love Is Now” by T.Rex and “Je Suis Moi” by Françoise Hardy

It is five in the morning and due to an insufferable condition called insomnia I do not have anything better to do than just think of my favorite tunes. Continue reading “Songs I really like: “The Time Of Love Is Now” by T.Rex and “Je Suis Moi” by Françoise Hardy”

Tomorrow is my birthday and I have a feeling of peace about it

Yesterday night I had a dream in which I had a haircut. The stylist chopped half of my hair off and I appeared to be quite ecstatic. It’s something about the length of your hair that can affect your life, or at least represent it.  Continue reading “Tomorrow is my birthday and I have a feeling of peace about it”

Madame Dubarry (1919)

About two weeks ago I saw Madame Dubarry at the Stanford Theatre. I had raved for about two days because I discovered the movie would screen on a Sunday and it was already Friday. It was a magnificent experience. Continue reading “Madame Dubarry (1919)”

This year is starting to look pretty good!

Sure, it has been rainy, there is barely any sun, my work sucks, I’m becoming an adult, I have to pay bills, but it’s all been fine. Continue reading “This year is starting to look pretty good!”

It is so grand that the wonderful performer Pola Negri was born in Poland 120 years ago. A century ago right now she was working on films! She’s my favorite of them all; she still so is. I still love the Negri. I haven’t been giving her enough time due to my busy life! Don’t party too hard, Pola. I’ve been thinking of going back to reading your Memoirs of a Star again. In 1917 she was hired to star in a Polish production of Sumurun and met Ernst Lubitsch on that same year. She filmed the Polish version of The Yellow Ticket. She was also invited by Max Reinhardt to star in his production of Sumurun in Berlin. Her whole life was in front of her. Her career was just starting. She was about to move to Germany and learn a whole new language. There was a war going on. Pola still went on and did what she had to do. She had to live her life and express her talents to the world. Have a good one, Pola.

The marvelous year of 2016

Was I one of the few people that loved 2016? For me it was a year of growth and discovery. I achieved one of my dreams. I started working. I started college. I found more passions. A fellow darling of mine became president. Almost everything I wished for came true this year. Continue reading “The marvelous year of 2016”

The Horrors of Black Friday (Coupon Drama Edition)

I agreed to work an eight hour shift during Thanksgiving for double pay. I thought pre Black Friday would not be a horror. It was probably going to be slow. “I might get some of my college reading done!” I foolishly thought. Continue reading “The Horrors of Black Friday (Coupon Drama Edition)”

I am obsessed with Melania Trump’s commercial

I was researching about our future First Lady’s taste of fashion and makeup when I found this wildly interesting commercial that she made during the 90’s.

Curiously enough, here she is shown as a president. Beautiful, youthful, and ready to work.

I love this commercial because it shows a confident woman successful in her profession. She looks prepared!

I want to be like that in the future. It looks so stylish and it reminds me of Barbie somehow. Looking beautiful with incredible makeup and a fashionable red coat…I’d feel grand!

I have been getting interested in fashion lately mainly because during slow days at work I leaf through many magazines. It would be a dream to wear that $3,000 dollar Prada dress I saw in a magazine the other day. Smart and confident…that is what I aspire to be!

Melania Trump will be our First Lady! How exciting!

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