Vivien Leigh

    Vivien Leigh  

I can recall the first time I saw her…Seated on the porch of Tara….She was the prettiest lady I had ever seen. Maybe she was the reason why I got so drawn to Gone With the Wind in the first place. She also reminds me of somebody but I am not to say. She is and will always be my favorite actress…she allowed for reality to coincide with the rarities of fiction at the first minute of the duration of one of her performances. My favorite performances of her are in Gone With the Wind, A Streetcar Named Desire, Lady Hamilton, Caesar and Cleopatra, Waterloo Bridge, Anna Karenina, Fire Over England and The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone….I could include her other films…but that would be a list of the rest of her filmography.

im happy

        Pola Negri

 Pola is the most comical and sassiest being that I’ve seen in the silent pictures. Now, I haven’t seen everything she’s done because the majority of her films are lost or just aren’t available. Or they are in German. I love her in Lubitsch’s films! Such as Die Bergkatze, Sumurun and Madame Dubarry. I also like Sappho and The Moon-Spinners. It’s pretty sad that she’s almost forgotten. I mean, I have to admit, she was more beautifully dramatic than Clara Bow or Lillian Gish. Pola to me is not only a film star…but she is my beauty queen…I actually want to be her…Everything about her vividly proud personality to her devotion to Valentino just makes her all the more adorable. I recommend others to get her Memoirs of a Star. It’s actually quite good. I possess a supreme idolatry for her. I even own a Pola vintage spoon. She’s damnably great. I haven’t been able to identify with any other woman than her. I wish she could be alive so we could talk of men over treats and tea at her luxurious house.

judy judy

     Judy Garland

       I….feel a song coming on. I very much do. Ah, Judy. What can I say about her? She has a song for every mood, every occasion and for every struggle. I like her more as a singer than as an actress. Yes, she was a very good one but, holy hell, could she hit those blasted notes! Judy started working as a teenager and you could see how awfully crippling that must have been for her womanhood and for her well-being. They were gorging her throat with pills nonstop. She was just a little girl. I started to obsessively listen to her songs when I heard “Dear Mr. Gable (You Made Me Love You)”. I also had my share of experience where I wrote fanmail. And that virginal little crush on Clark Gable just did it for me. I just think that she exuded unstoppable talent whenever she sang. Some good Judy movies I like are Easter Parade, The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St. Louis and A Star is Born. There’s more….but you know.

silent garbo

Greta Garbo 

Ah, Garbo. The most feminine woman in the good old Hollywood days against any contradictions. She was one hell of an actress and I absolutely relish her performance in Ninotchka and in Anna Christie. She has this somewhat thick Swedish accent…not like Ingrid Bergman’s….but it is fierce and abrupt….in a way that captivates you into adoration. Her face is most ardent, fair and frail in her silents with John Gilbert….The poor man always looked miserable on the set. She had this apathetically stoic personality that made you fear of her disapproval for you. It’s something valiant of her that made her survive all those years in reclusion. She was still one hell of a strong-willed lady. Her country has brought us Candlemass, Ingmar Bergman, Bathory, Quorthon, Ingrid Bergman and Ikea. And that country brought her to us. May she be radiantly mellow in her afterlife. Just don’t make an issue of her womanhood and leave her the hell alone.