Pola Negri left this Earth 30 years ago

Oh Pola. I’ve been busy and tired, but I have not forgotten that you died…sigh…you died 30 years ago today. You had a brain tumor, but pneumonia took you from this world.
Recently I went to Hearst Castle and I felt your presence. That is where you must have seen Valentino for the first time. I felt the energy of the parties at night with Marion and her man…
You were an immigrant to this country and took immense advantage of its opportunities. You practically became the biggest European actress in the world at one point!
This year I will visit your grave and your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I shall place my feet and hands to see if we were the same size, although I am not sure.

Thanks to Pola Negri, I have had so many beautiful Film experiences. From a joyous evening in a Berkeley cinema watching Forbidden Paradise for the first time, being a lonely 16-year-old watching Madame Dubarry in school during my lunch, listening to her songs in German when I was sad, writing my blog entries, reading her memoirs and sighing from just imagining her experiences based on how she perceived them, saving magazine articles from the 20’s online for two hours straight until my eyes hurt, and that time I played hooky from my old job just to go watch Madame Dubarry in the theatre. There are more countless experiences with Pola, but I think I have mentioned enough.
Pola still continues to live on. She still has fans!

I included the collage above that has the screenshots of Pola Negri in her surviving films (those that I have had access to). Die fromme Lüge was not included because the quality of my DVD is so bad that Pola’s face can be barely seen. It took me about three hours to make 🙂

Rest in peace, Pola Negri. (1897-1987)


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