Struggles with liquid eyeliner

I am almost twenty and still am unable to put on liquid eyeliner on my own. I try…I watch tutorials! Yet, oh yet, my eyeshadow gets black stains, the side of my face gets black stains, and my “wing” is an oddly shaped black ball.

One of my early attempts.

Yesterday I was bored alone in my room and I decided to do my makeup for fun. I excitedly put in my new Dior powder foundation, my eyeshadows, my blush; you know: all that hard work. Then I grabbed the Yves Saint Laurent eyeliner that I bought and…oh lord.

It was better than the picture above! One line was much longer than the other, however. The eyeliner smudged to the top of my eyelid, damaging the eyeshadow work! I tried covering it with concealer, but it did not make the black mark disappear.

Today I practiced with the Diorliner my sister gave me and there was some improvement. The thing is the wing now. That wing requires talent one hones with mistakes and a lot of makeup remover.

Liquid eyeliner goals:

Catherine Deneuve
Françoise Hardy
Brigitte Bardot
Audrey Hepburn

Well…these were the ones I could think of from the top of my head. I do occasionally also use my Giorgio Armani pencil eyeliner, but I blink so much when putting it on! I can also put on too much and look like a raccoon.

My eyes are as big as saucers, which lessens the need for eyeliner, but it does make your makeover look complete!

I do not wear that much makeup since I always tend to go for a more natural look. It is not like I even know how to wear a lot of it anyway. I still have troubles with blending the eyeshadows.

Makeup is starting to get very fun because it is a challenge. I guess I am growing up 🙂

Even Pola Negri’s dramatic makeup was on point!

I did forget to praise the makeup of Elaine in the movie The Love Witch. Very sixties.


I shall keep practicing with my many cotton balls at my side and makeup remover otherwise my eyeliner will dry out.

The other day it was fifteen minutes before I left to work and my makeup was ready, but there was something missing. I wanted eyeliner. So I gathered up the courage and grabbed that YSL eyeliner! My eyeshadow was so nice and sparkly. The eyeliner left a stain up top sadly. Out of frustration I ended up removing my eyeshadow with makeup remover and had to redo it all over again.



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