I myself am still impressed at the fact that I kept my blog alive and sort of active for three years. Its first post was published three years ago today. It started when I was a lonely sixteen-year-old and, oh yes, who posted lengthy posts about depression, angst, and old Hollywood.

I am thankful to have sort of been freed from that state because now I have to do things…adult things, like working, paying bills, and going to college.

You know what I am so proud to have posted over the years?

My favorite actress: Pola Negri!

The Polish star! I always enjoy re-reading my experiences watching her films, my admiration, and accounts of my research. My strong interests do wane after a while, but Pola remained a person I most appreciate. She is a big part of this blog and I hope that my posts about her provide some useful information to those who Google her 🙂

Bless her.

Then for the past three years I have obsessed with different musical groups!

I remember there was Zappa when I was 16…


Best song? With such a versatile musician this is hard. Try something from We’re Only in It for the Money or Hot Rats.

Then there was Type O Negative when I was 16/17…

Ahh. I really did love listening to this band when I was a sad, sad girl…

Best song? Surely I can’t pick just one! Man, there’s “Christian Woman”, “Green Man”, “In Praise of Bacchus”, and “Can’t Lose You”….(can’t mention all!)

Then there was Fields of the Nephilim when I was 17!

By God, this is a fun band! Carl McCoy has such a unique voice that one can’t help himself to sing along. I own all their studio albums and enjoy singing to my fist.

Best songs are: practically everything from Dawnrazor, “Last Exit for the Lost”, “Straight into the Light”, “Sumerland”, and “Psychonaut”…(there’s more)

Then there was T.Rex. Oh lord. T.Rex. Full blown T.rextasy.

(Early stages of my T.Rex obsession as an 18-year-old)

I danced to Beard of Stars on my birthday this year.

How could I have gotten through the pains of being 18-19 without Marc Bolan?


But let me just make a list:

“Rabbit Fighter”, “Main Man”, “Pavilions of Sun”, “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart”, “Diamond Meadows”, “Children of the Revolution”, “Tenement Lady”, “Beltane Walk”, “Jeepster”, “Cosmic Dancer”, “Girl”, “Thunderwing”, “Ballrooms of Mars”, “Liquid Gang”, “Celebrate Summer”, “Cat Black”, “Jupiter Liar”, “Chrome Sitar”, “Rip Off”, “Broken Hearted Blues”, “The Slider”, “Metal Guru”…

I guess this list will drag on. Let us move on then.

And, currently, Françoise Hardy…


Thanks to her, I can understand a few words in French and am able to sing in my very bad attempt to pronounce it…Her covers in English are so broody, which is why I love them so much.

Oh how my youthful heart loves those lovelorn French songs…

Best songs: “Je suis moi”, “Oui Je Dis Adieu”, “Il est tout pour moi”, “Le Temps des Souvenirs”, “Soleil”, “Message Personnel”…(it goes on with this one as well)

Give her album La Question a listen and try not to cry or heavily sigh.

As for movies….ah, when I was 17, I was on a silent film high! I visually devoured silents! Now, I watch silents every now and then surely, but I am very picky…

With my job and college intervening I do not have too much time for movies anymore.

I gave Titanic a re-watch for the trillionth time in my life and I ended up watching all the three hours of it. I loved it.

In three years I have gotten into the works of people like David Lynch and Fritz Lang…but Ernst Lubitsch never stopped being my favorite.

Image I took on my 19th birthday 🙂

After seeing loads and loads of movies, I can still say Gone With the Wind is my favorite movie.

Sumurun is not my favorite silent movie as I wrote in one post. Die Nibelungen won that spot ❤

These Hear Me Talk of Sin birthday posts always end up turning into mid-year reflections of my life!

When I was sixteen, I wanted to be a music journalist in Finland. Now…

Well, I am not interested in journalism anymore. I still do want to study in Finland, as I loved my trip there last year. First I have to obtain my Bachelor’s here in the States and then my Master’s over there! It all takes time.

I am a psychology major even though it isn’t my primary passion…Films are my passion, but they won’t put bread on my table until I am in my mid-thirties…

I have grown up with this blog. It is like my own little child!

But I am glad I am a happier person than how I was when I started this. I’ve been through the usual highs and lows one experiences in a human life.

I will try to write in this as often as I used to when I was that age!

And one more thing that has changed since then: I am interested in makeup now. I never imagined that day would come.

The brands that are dearest to my heart and enemies of my wallet are Dior and Yves Saint Laurent 🙂

Now I will be off!

Here is Kitten putting on his mascara.