Bergen, Norway

I visited Bergen, Norway, about seven months ago. It was something so dear! I will never forget the first European city I ever visited 🙂

I will provide pictures:


It was quite cloudy when I went, but it didn’t stop me from having a wonderful experience. Look at those clouds! Bergen is still beautiful. Did you know Norway was recently listed as the happiest country in the world?

Bergen is a city in Norway about six to seven hours away from Oslo, the capital. It isn’t as big, but it feels homely and quaint. There is a lot of culture here. Those buildings in the back were being renovated, as they have existed since the 1200’s, I believe! Bergen is old!


Before I visited the glorious Bergen, I had my first experience of Europe in Denmark. 50 unforgettable minutes in Copenhagen! So many blondes and the smell of coffee and pastries! I was besotted. Even the immigrations officer looked like a model.


I really loved how Norway looked from the plane! I had not seen such mesmerizing sights in my life.

Arriving to Bergen finally!
Finally here after a ten hour flight…


We were not permitted to take pictures inside the church of St. Mary’s, but I managed to take a quick snapshot without making too much trouble.



Mount Ulriken…so pure…so cold.



I really loved Bergen. It was quiet, calm, but not too remote. The experience is something you will not get from pictures. I mean, I am bummed I did not take a picture of my reindeer burgers! They were delicious! I also visited the Garage Bergen bar a few times before this man asked for my ID and asked me to leave as I was not yet of 20 years of age 🙂 It’s not like I wanted to drink! I chatted with the artists from the band Urfaust (my sister’s favorite band) outside the Beyond the Gates festival. We even got Gaahl, a famous Norwegian black metal singer, to come out of the bar (he was with his boyfriend!) to just meet ME. I was so shy and flattered.

When I visited an old bookstore and asked for Kristin Lavransdatter, the owner full-on fangirled. He stood up and showed me all of these first edition books of the trilogy and I just felt so bad I couldn’t buy them 😦

I also visited the Mount Ulriken, as you can see, without a jacket. I only wore a long sleeve dress. I thought it was still going to be summer…well, sort of? The weather didn’t look so bad and we were going to go hiking. It was very cold. Very cold. I advise those who are traveling to Scandinavian countries in a later time of the year to please pack a jacket.

Oh, and I also visited the fjords! If it hadn’t been for all the tourists, I would’ve loved it more! I honestly stayed in the upper floor of the boat even when it rained just so I wouldn’t be around tourists.

Since I am visiting Norway again later this year, I should probably practice some Norwegian! God Morgen Norge!


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