Songs I really like: “The Time Of Love Is Now” by T.Rex and “Je Suis Moi” by Françoise Hardy

It is five in the morning and due to an insufferable condition called insomnia I do not have anything better to do than just think of my favorite tunes.

I haven’t written in here for a month and it has surely bothered me. The thing is that I have been quite busy with work and school. I have been working full time as a start, but they will cut down my hours to part time, so I will have more time to write 🙂

Let’s just say that yesterday was hectic as heck. I am a cashier and am employed in a hardware store. I am not used to working in a fast pace environment for eight hours straight. I get nervous easily and I am shy! Anyway, today they put me to work in the Garden area, and since it is near springtime here in California, one can imagine the lines of people wanting to buy plants and things to decorate their garden…

For hours and hours I scanned and gave change and dealt with some cranky individuals! To make a long story short, an hour before my shift ended I was utterly exhausted and I experienced something called brain fog, in which I could not concentrate, forgot basic things; my mind just went blank. I was frustrated. I wanted to quit immediately. I was tired. A customer gave me a $20 dollar bill to pay for his change and I put it in the computer that he gave me 5? When I gave him his change back, which was in cents, he made me aware of my error. Yes, I do mistakes like this. I thought this as a second job would be easier, but cashiering is no easy duty, I guess.

But, enough of this! Let’s get to the songs. The songs matter.

I am going to include the lyrics of two songs that are very special to me at this time of my life.  Every time I hear them I feel a sort of ecstasy that one feels with their favorite songs. Just that climactic rush of excitement that lasts for some seconds! Besides of the sound, the lyrics are as equally special in making the songs nearly perfect. They are like the clothes to an unclothed beauty.

(90% of the music I listen to is T.Rex and Françoise Hardy)

“The Time Of Love Is Now” by T.Rex 

Light up your face

With all the love within you

Say your word

Make it heard

Light up the wind

With all the kings inside you

Shout it out

Have no doubts

For the time of love is now


Light up your head

With things the children said child

Make a start

From your heart

Light up the world

With poems from within you

Shout it out

Have no doubts

For the time of love is now


And your days of love

Are always in a dream

You know.

Ah, this song. This is my favorite song in the first T.Rex album, T.Rex, next to the lovely “Beltane Walk” and “Diamond Meadows”. It is such a lovely album and it still has that fresh sound from Beard of Stars! Every time I listen to it I imagine Mickey Finn and Marc Bolan just sitting together, jamming. Mickey is playing his small congas and Marc playing his guitar…Then there is that bass! I don’t know; there is something about the bass in that song that is somewhat godly. The most climactic part of the song is when Bolan sings: “And your days of love are always in a dream…You know…” Just the way they blended those sounds together…the backup vocals, the organ, the bass (there are more sounds. I just can’t seem to describe them more) in that part is just so fantastic. Bless Tony Visconti for producing this album!

It is one of the finest T.Rex songs, in my opinion. A terribly underrated song by this band. The sound is so pure. The songwriting is honest. It is Marc Bolan in one of his best periods of both songwriting and composition. Who knew that in such a short time they would have hit singles and hit albums! This was right before the stardom 🙂

As for the lyrics…Well, in my T.Rextasy listening experience, I always get that feeling that Marc Bolan just knows what I am feeling in certain times and that he is giving a sort of “advice” in his lyrics. I get a feeling that even from death he understands. Basically, I think the message of this song is to just express your love as much as you can. One can interpret this song in many ways, but this is how I do it. That is what is so great about music. He tells you to “light up the wind with all the kings inside you”, which is an odd, but special lyric meaning to let the world know of those devotions you feel…A bit of a hippie song, isn’t it?

It was 1970.

Right now I am lighting up the world with poems from within me by sharing my love for this song.

And Marc is right. My days of love are always in a dream. Always in dreams. The idea of a seemingly divine, fairytale love is always in dreams.

I love how diva Marc Bolan stands in front of Mickey Finn with his guitar in the cover of the album. He had a dominant personality, as you can see from his pose. What a great period for T.Rex!

Now for a bit of a French touch!

“Je Suis Moi” by Françoise Hardy

Et la rue m’habitue à n’être plus personne,
presque plus personne
Et la ville me force à suivre son rythme fébrile,
son rythme fébrile
Mais quand on se retrouve,
quand il rentre le soir,
il suffit d’un regard

Et je suis moi,
j’ai le ciel au bout des doigts
Le monde au-dessous de moi,
comme pour la première fois
Je suis moi,
j’entends, je sens et je vois
Je suis moi

Et la rue me ramène à sa vie monotone,
sa vie monotone
Dans la ville je me perds, je m’oublie,
je m’abandonne
Oui je m’abandonne
Mais quand on se retrouve,
quand le ciel devient noir,
il suffit d’un regard


And the road gets me used to being nobody
almost nobody
And the city forces me to follow its feverish rhythm
its feverish rhythm
But when we find ourselves
when the evening returns
a glance is enough

And I am me
I have the sky at my fingertips
The world underneath me
like for the first time
I am me,
I hear, I feel and I see
I am me

And the road brings me back to its monotonous life
its monotonous life
In this city I lose myself, forget myself
I abandon myself
Yes, I abandon myself
But when we find ourselves
when the sky turns black,
a glance is enough

Françoise Hardy is someone you could say belongs to the sad girls club. A cool sad girls club though; of a deep heartfelt sadness. I am not fluent in French, but when I hear it I always feel, well, empowered. I looked up the lyrics in English and really was blown away by the depth of the words. In here Hardy is acknowledging individuality and she is proud of it. She is at the top of the world and she is fine! For the first time she is herself it seems. It is a realization of truly knowing who you are at an older age. From her 60’s poppy girlish songs, Françoise Hardy’s songs now dealt with more adult themes, like heartbreak, disappointment….Let’s just say she grew up 🙂 She had just given birth to her son Thomas anyway. What I really I love about this song is that the sound goes up and down, like a rollercoaster. Like the lyrics in which she says she has the sky at her fingertips, but then the road brings her back to “its monotonous life”. When you hear it, you’ll know. The piano is something I dearly love in this song. Her songs always had the right sounds and backup vocals.

Françoise is special to me because her music expresses feelings coming from a female perspective, more having to do with how deep the female emotion is, or at least that is what I have assumed from listening to her songs, even though I don’t really know that much French.

I also assume that by the lyric “a glance is enough” it means that a look from her lover is going to rescue her from the darkness of the black sky? Hmm, it could be that.

I try to read the lyrics of this song every day and sing it out loud to practice my French. My goal is to memorize the lyrics and then memorize more of her songs to be able to pronounce French words better.

I am feeling tired now, so I will rest because I have to work in about five hours! Au revoir!


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