Tomorrow is my birthday and I have a feeling of peace about it

Yesterday night I had a dream in which I had a haircut. The stylist chopped half of my hair off and I appeared to be quite ecstatic. It’s something about the length of your hair that can affect your life, or at least represent it. 

I do believe in meaning behind dreams, so as soon as I woke up I googled the meaning behind the dream. It turned out the haircut represented a positive progress in my life. I was very glad to read that.

By the way, I am considering getting my long hair cut. Brushing it and washing it can be such a hassle. I want a 60’s Chantal Goya haircut. A radical change? Possibly.

Going back to the progress thing, I can finally quit my crappy job. My job isn’t exactly the worst in the world, but I mostly feel unhappy there. I don’t fit in. I don’t use the beauty products. The customers are quite rude. My boss is just….ugh. She is nice, but there is something I don’t like about her. It must be her management.

I’m late all the time anyway. The job is about forty minutes away from where I live and there is sometimes traffic. The other day my boss called me into her office and made me sign this warning that if I was still late there would be termination.

I accepted that this was my responsibility and realized I would need to leave very soon. Thankfully, I had another job interview ten minutes from my home.

The interview went smoothly. I thought I was going to fail it due to nervousness and not giving the right answers. I was offered a position as cashier right then.

I wanted to make it official before I gave my two weeks notice to my other job. I signed papers yesterday and I will start training next week, yet I don’t see my boss until Tuesday…

It will all work out! It will be the most awkward time of my life when I give my boss my resignation letter and tell her I am leaving. I wonder if my co-workers will be stunned? It was a good experience for a first job. I knew I would not stay long. I learned the most essential things about retail and I was impressed that I could discuss the experience well in my job interview, such as that one has to pretend to be interested and listen to the customers so they are satisfied.

At least I learned a bit about hair products. I still have no clue which would be exactly the great fit for a person.

I am excited for my new job! Of course, I am nervous because it is a new environment. At least I get to wear an apron!

There is also college. My math class is going splendid. It is a very basic math class. Right now we are learning things like x + 8 = 76. I studied hard for my last exam, which covered things like negative numbers and long divisions. I am learning quite a great deal at the right pace! My teacher makes sure we all understand and all questions are welcomed. It is my favorite class.

I also am taking political science and….oh dear. Our teacher is very knowledgeable about his politics and he welcomes other opinions. He said he was going to remain neutral, but he’s been forcing his leftist views on us! Apparently he has an issue with putting a big show of the National Anthem during the Super Bowl. He said that it is something like propaganda for the military. In the beginning of class, we discuss recent events that have happened in the country, but it is just an opportunity for liberals in my class to bash Trump on everything he’s been doing. One time they talked about impeaching him, but they don’t even realize they would get Mike Pence as president when he’s even more conservative than Trump!

My teacher “taught” us about capitalism by just mentioning negative aspects. He bashes republicans on everything and thinks that their stances on issues always lead back to religion. He has said nothing positive about any conservative leader we have had. He held up the class an extra ten minutes to talk about race and prisons. He said that those who are for the death penalty practically have “blood on their hands”. I seriously have sighed loudly out of frustration.

He associated capitalism with greed. Okay, teacher, I get it. Yet you use items on a daily basis that were made because of…capitalism?

Then he started talking about the poor. Okay, that’s fine. Then he kept arguing how we should support tax-funded programs for the poor and something like that. Okaay? Then came the topic of socialism. Oh, dearrrr. He kept talking about how we should take the money from the rich because they are involved in multinational corporations and all of that. He asked the class if wealthy people should be responsible for those who aren’t as fortunate as them. One brave student in the class asked a question based on why someone who has acquired wealth with hard work should be responsible for others. My teacher said that he should focus more on the multinational corporations instead. I honestly respected the student at that moment.

He thinks Trump is building a wall to prevent Mexicans from coming in? Um, so, apparently all illegal immigrants are Mexican? People from Central and South America can also travel to Mexico and cross the border.

I couldn’t go to his class this week because my sister was sick, but I honestly didn’t feel bad about missing it other than losing some participation points.

My teacher is forcing his views on us. I don’t like that at all. We have to write a research paper on an issue we feel strongly about. I will write about the refugees or the illegal immigrants.

I have to read chapters of his book, but I just cringe! Karl Marx…socialism…the evils of capitalism….UGH.

I am never taking political science again.

That is the college education here in California 🙂

As for films! My life cannot progress without films!

Ever since I finished the eleventh season of Bones (yes, I recovered from my mourning of my favorite character and gave it another try), I’ve been left with nothing to watch. I’ve been re-watching Malcolm in the Middle…but I have seen each episode at least three or five times. So, I was just there on Netflix, browsing through the titles, and I saw a documentary about a man living with bears. “Hmm,” I thought, “it might be interesting!”

It turned out to be one of the most interesting documentaries I have ever seen. This man called Timothy Treadwell used to spend his summers in a national park in Alaska hanging out with grizzly bears. He thought that he belonged with them. In reality, the grizzly bears did not like to be bothered. He spent his last few summers filming himself near the bears. The director Werner Herzog tells us about his life and what drew him to be so obsessed with bears. One bear ended up eating Timothy and his girlfriend. It was pretty gruesome.

I was so impressed by this documentary that I desired to see more films by Mr. Herzog. I had avoided seeing his movies with Klaus Kinski because Kinski was crazy and I had read that his daughter said he had molested her. Still, I was very curious, so yesterday I decided to watch Aguirre, the Wrath of God.

It was a strange, strange movie. It was about the Spanish conquistadors trying to find gold in Peru. The mood of it was dark and it kept me watching. At times I admit I laughed at Kinski’s bitch fits. It looked very realistic as there were no actual movie sets or lighting. The cast of the eight people were there in a remote jungle in Peru. You could tell that they were actually there and that the crew was tired, bored, and probably starving. One for sure could see how annoyed Klaus Kinski was throughout the movie. The movie looks as if it was shot like a documentary.

Aguirre thought he was an all-powerful commander that could not be stopped. He envisioned himself conquering more land than Cortez. He lived in the delusion that he and his crew could fight off all the Indians that came to attack them, while the people accompanying him were weak and hallucinated from starvation.

This movie looked very, very real. I mean, even though the lines were unrehearsed and everything was shot on the spot, the acting was very convincing. Kinski conveyed his personality through his silence. Plus, I grew up in Peru meaning that the Incas and the Spanish conquerors were always taught about in history class, so it was a topic I knew much of.

Here’s a video with some footage from the film. The song is sung by Françoise Hardy.

It’s all good. I still worry a lot about things, but it’s all still good. I will have a great birthday.

I also saw the movie Split about two weeks ago and I highly recommend it!


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