Pola Negri is 120. She’s growing up!

It is so grand that the wonderful performer Pola Negri was born in Poland 120 years ago. A century ago right now she was working on films! She’s my favorite of them all; she still so is. I still love the Negri. I haven’t been giving her enough time due to my busy life! Don’t party too hard, Pola. I’ve been thinking of going back to reading your Memoirs of a Star again. In 1917 she was hired to star in a Polish production of Sumurun and met Ernst Lubitsch on that same year. She filmed the Polish version of The Yellow Ticket. She was also invited by Max Reinhardt to star in his production of Sumurun in Berlin. Her whole life was in front of her. Her career was just starting. She was about to move to Germany and learn a whole new language. There was a war going on. Pola still went on and did what she had to do. She had to live her life and express her talents to the world. Have a good one, Pola.


3 thoughts on “Pola Negri is 120. She’s growing up!

  1. I didn’t know about the Max Reinhardt connection. Wasn’t he a theatre director? Anyway, great short piece here! I always look over at Pola’s old townhouse here in San Antonio when I drive past it. I’m so proud that she lived in my city. I think think maybe it’s the coolest thing about my whole town 🙂 Anyway, I hope you’re doing well! –Paul


      1. It’s funny…last night I was giving a ride to some friends from India and we passed Pola’s townhouse. I turned off my favorite song on the CD and told them about her and her house (even though it was too dark to see). 🙂 –Paul


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