The marvelous year of 2016

Was I one of the few people that loved 2016? For me it was a year of growth and discovery. I achieved one of my dreams. I started working. I started college. I found more passions. Almost everything I wished for came true this year.

There were also new movies and music. I will not forget my newfound interest in makeup! I should have acquired that interest when I was twelve or thirteen. I guess I am a late bloomer in this sort of thing.

Big Things for me in 2016:

18. I was not elated on my birthday. I cried instead. This is a young age, so I must be easier on myself. I cried in my room and wanted to just stop existing. Oh, if I knew how much I would learn in the upcoming months! I could have smoked a cigarette or entered a nightclub, but, nah.


I finally graduated high school! I thought it was going to take a year or more. I remember starting my senior year and going to ask if I had enough credits to graduate by the end of the year. My teacher said I didn’t. I attended school for half a day because it was hard for me being around teens around that period. I thought myself a failure and cried and cried. A lady said it would be practically impossible for me to graduate this year. Yet, something saved me from all that hopelessness. I went to this tiny school that gave me credits faster, took night school classes, and ta-da!!! I was with my cap and gown by the end of the year.

T. Rex

Wow, I really liked T. Rex this year. I just ordered a CD that will complete my collection of their studio albums. My love for that band was made valid when I spent about a hundred bucks on a rare book of pictures. Every day has been: “T. Rex. T. Rex. T. Rex. Marc Bolan. Marc Bolan. Marc Bolan.” I will never forget that moment when I bought A Beard of Stars at Levykauppa Äx in Helsinki. I will just write that it was a massively special musical group for me this year.

This poster is supposed to be my Christmas present, but the UPS idiot man put it in the wrong mailbox and we have no idea where it is now. I hope he is found.

Visiting Europe

I was gonna write a post about that. My draft goes all the way back to October. I had just been so busy with college and work and I have A LOT to remember.

I achieved my dream of visiting Norway and Finland. It was like visiting another planet. I may exaggerate, but it was just better there. Food was healthier and people seemed happier; for Norway, I mean. Bergen was quaint. The fish market was majestic. I ate a lot of salmon and reindeer hamburgers. I met the singer Gaahl. I saw the fjords. I went up to Mount Ulriken and it was cold as hell. I loved how proud Norwegians were of their culture.

In Helsinki….Helsinki was a bit strange.

If you have read other of my posts here, you would know that I have wanted to go to Finland for six years. Actually, I can recall saying eleven years ago that I wanted to go there. And I finally did. I excitedly pointed at buildings I had seen in Google Earth. I spoke some of the language. I ate reindeer. I walked until my feet hurt intolerably. I walked in Suomenlinna with the wrong shoes. Ateneum is something I will never forget! I prayed in about four churches.

In Bergen, Norway.
Tuomiokirkko, the Helsinki Cathedral. It is beautiful in there.

I want to go back!


I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it through one semester, as the work would be more difficult than high school. I had to take online courses because the beginning of the semester was just a few days before I traveled to Europe. Usually with online classes I am terrible…but I got A minuses and a solid A! Archaeology and psychology are not easy subjects. Exams almost made me want to throw my textbooks against the wall.


I didn’t plan to work during college, but it is necessary. I don’t like it; yet it helps me with depression. I hate most of the costumers. I like money though. Ching ching.

Francoise Hardy

I have always liked the voice of Hardy. My Pandora radio would always play me this song she sang called “The Rose”. I was bored one day and decided to listen to more of her songs. They were so incredible! Her voice almost brought tears to my eyes. I always listen to her songs on my way to work. “Soleil” will always make me sentimental.

Movies! Movies! Movies???

  • The Smiling Lieutenant (1931)
  • The Last Command (1928)
  • The Truman Show (1998)
  • Amadeus (1984)
  • So This is Paris (1926)
  • Heaven Can Wait (1943)
  • Design For Living (1933)
  • Harry and Tonto (1974)
  • Stardust Memories (1980) This movie was okay, but wasn’t as magnificent as Annie Hall.
  • Meet John Doe (1941)
  • The Paper Chase (1973)
  • Planet of the Apes films (1968-1973)
  • The Revenant (2015)
  • In The House (2012)
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)
  • All The President’s Men (1976)
  • Brooklyn (2015)
  • Back To the Future movies
  • I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)
  • Look Who’s Back (2015)
  • Team America: World Police (2004)
  • Notting Hill (1999)
  • Loves of Pharaoh (1921)

Those are the movies I can think of that I really enjoyed seeing this year.

I also really seemed to love the show Bones until…Dr. Sweets, ahem. After that…I can’t stand anything.

The new Gilmore Girls was also nice…didn’t hit me that hard though.

Tomorrow, I have to work, but when I get home I will probably watch Holiday, starring Miss Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant! It is an enjoyable film at this time of the year.

My goals for next year is to keep progressing with my studies and possibly travel.

I hope you had a merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “The marvelous year of 2016

  1. Wow 🙂 Such an awesome post! I love all the subjects you covered. It’s so neat to see Bergen and Helsinki. But most of all I am so proud of you for all your accomplishments! And it is always such a joy to read your writing. You have such a special gift for expressing yourself in a unique way 🙂 You made my year so much better. And I am thankful for that! So I wish you a happy new year and may it be as good or better than last year 🙂 –Paul


    1. Bergen and Helsinki are unforgettable cities. They both had a lot in common. In both the Finnish and Norwegian culture they are very proud of their sealife, their reindeer, their music, and their nature. I am happy to have made your year better 🙂 Happy New Year.

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