I just spent about three days studying for my psychology exam and I got an….84. My last score was 90, but that was when I barely studied and took advantage of the open book opportunity that I had for ninety minutes.

I recorded myself reading passages from the textbook, wrote notes, read paragraphs repeatedly, and tried hard to understand what the hell I was reading. Damn you Pavlov and your conditioning! I hated doing this; I had to stop watching my favorite shows and playing my beautiful violent cowboy videogame.

I had persistent anxiety as I wrote down my notes. I wanted to slack off in every chance I had. My voice literally hurt from reading out loud so much. By God, I was so stressed I was hungry all the time and binged on a bunch of crap food!

I wanted to do better than a 90 this time. I even studied at work today. However, when it came to taking the test, the questions were not related to the study topics that were included in the study guide. I thought I had wasted my time. It took me long to answer each question and some answers were impossible to find in that book.

Unconditioned stimulus…memory encoding…IQ heredity???

Anyway, this is an online college course so I must be a easier on myself. A B is still a good grade, yes? I think I will do much better next semester when I start attending classes on campus. There, I will learn to study more efficiently and develop habits to help me be more organized.

That made me feel like crap at first! What made me feel better was that that horrifying experience is over. Now I must focus on the other schoolwork I have been rejecting, such as all the silent movies I have to watch for class and probably more readings about human remains and their artifacts.

Yesterday night something wondrous did occur. I was watching Bones after some study and the psychologist character Dr. Sweets talked about working in a record store and finding a T.Rex album that had “20th Century Boy”.

Immediately I paused it and said, “That song was released as a single and not in an album. However, it was released as a bonus track in Tanx.”

My sister: ……………….

Throughout the rest of the episode, I kept imagining how they were going to play the song. I didn’t really believe they would. Nah, my expectations were too high.

And Dr. Brennan talked about dancing. My heart started beating. Yes, she started blasting “20th Century Boy”. She started weirdly dancing to T.Rex, which is my favorite band at this time of my life. I covered my mouth and quietly mouthed, “OH MY GOD!”. Suddenly, two of my favorite things were merged. Dr. Brennan had also made a reference about Finland and male nakedness (sauna stuff probably).

So, as Dr. Brennan gaily danced to T.Rex, tears came out of my eyes. My sister asked me if I was okay. I was laughing and crying simultaneously.

The most rational (Dr. Brennan’s favorite term) explanation for my reaction is that I love the music of T.Rex so much that when something like that is combined with something else I love…I am explosive with joy.

I sang along to the song! I even replayed this wonderful scene for the second time. I mean, of all the bands….Of ALL THE BANDS….it was T.Rex. It could’ve been Bowie. It could’ve been Zeppelin. It could’ve been The Sex Pistols.

No, it was my favorite. It’s like it was destiny! I had actually imagined Dr. Brennan dancing to T.Rex before, but I passed that off as a mere fantasy. T.Rex is not liked by everybody.

But, she found the catchiness of the band and boogied! (I can’t believe Booth just sat there.)

I must admit that I also dance to T.Rex as she did in that scene. I loudly sing along though.

So, I must say, thank you, Bones, and whoever came up with the idea to put that incredible song in the episode.

That was a huge boost in my week! I’ve been smiling about it all day.

There has also been the hardships of work. Costumers. Annoyingly precious costumers.

Costumers with accents I can’t understand. Little brats constantly touching the products. People talking to me like divas. You know, just crap that makes me feel inadequate.

I like my job, but damn I hate most of the costumers!

Today, I was ringing this lady up and just needed her to swipe her damn card and she said, “OH KAN U TEK MY KEWPON?”

I sighed. I had already passed the discount section in the computer. Why couldn’t she tell me at first? Why????!! She had to say it when she was about to swipe her card?

But, that level of annoyance I can tolerate. Last month a notoriously bitch costumer called to talk to the person who gives her a service and I went ahead and talked to the person. It turns out that she was busy and the costumer started yelling at me on the phone. Then it was known to me that I had talked to the wrong person.

The other day one of my co-workers told me that the costumer said that I should be fired. Oh, that old hag is probably living alone with her seven cats while still yearning for her lost love from youth.

That’s just a little rant from work. I don’t like getting too much into it.

I just read that Donnie Trump was almost assassinated! What the hell is wrong with some people? I hate Hillary Clinton’s guts, but I don’t go around making murder plots!

I became so concerned for him. I wish him well. He’s worked so hard in this campaign this past year. I actually went online and read through all the many libtarded comments saying that this was “staged”.

Trump surely kept going. Are liberals really that desperate to destroy all they oppose? Do they deem themselves morally superior?

That little bastard could’ve killed my future president. It’s only two days until the election. I really, really, really hope he wins. I think he will win. He will win.

Were this to have been an attempt at Hillary, there would be outraged cries about her vagina privilege and how misogynists are trying to prevent her from getting elected.

I’m just gonna admit it. I love Donald Trump. Not as a lover or anything, but as a figure.

I’m going to proudly vote for him on Tuesday. Of course, I can’t even show my support by wearing a shirt or anything because some liberal asshat may assault me. Someone even asked me who I was going to vote for today at work, but I just said, “Not telling.”

And I love WikiLeaks.

Anyway, that is all major in my life at the moment. I’ve also been buying lots of T.Rex stuff. Well, a poster and a few CDs. Nothing huge.

I’ve also been full-on blasting Francoise Hardy while doing my studying. I’ve always liked her voice, but had not heard many of her songs!

All right then. Happy days! Bye!