I just want to relax and sleep. My duties never do seem to end.

What is most fun about studying for me is the thought of getting a good grade. I will admit I hate studying. It gives me boredom tears. What is most fun about working is getting the paycheck. The actual work with dealing with costumers (sometimes idiotic individuals) and restocking things on shelves are not something I look forward to; neither are the damned taxes taken off my paycheck.

I come home from work and whoo! I have time to rest and eat. I lay on my bed and watch Bones, which is my new favorite show. It’s all I watch. I then look at the time and realize it’s nearly midnight and I haven’t done my homework.

My homework includes reading about 140 pages in total (from all three subjects) and participating in online forums. My film class was fun until I participated in the online forum for film analysis, in which I was later told to use language, let’s say, more academic. I love films, but I lack the fancy film language.

Uhh…long shot? People find out she had a kid out of wedlock, so Lillian runs off to lay on a sheet of ice…Well, a tad dramatic, but quite understandable for someone in a D.W. Griffith film. It’s all cool.

Reading about D.W. Griffith, I must say, was quite interesting. He fascinated me and even the triggered attacks from the author of my film book towards Birth of a Nation‘s racism were interesting. Good director though. Must I bring up again the panoramic shot of Babylon in Intolerance? His films may be prudish and conservative, but I am kind of like that, so go Griffith!

I should be reading about faunal remains in my archaeology book. I tried reading the chapter at work when it’s slow, but it is a struggle! I could have done my reading last night, but I decided to spend three hours playing Red Dead Redemption.

I bought the game mainly to ride a horse and shoot my guns while singing “Dust” by Fields Of The Nephilim. When I came home and excitedly put it in my PS3, however, the HDMI cable would not show anything on the screen. I had to replace it last year. I spent about three tiring hours trying to make it work.

So, the next day I had to run to GameStop after work and buy yet another HDMI cable. When it worked, I got so happy I had the biggest smile in the world. The character looks like Carl McCoy from Fields Of The Nephilim, which made it twice as fun to play. The graphics still looked like they were from GTA IV. Luckily enough, I didn’t have much trouble learning how to shoot, due to my experience with GTA games. Two hours later, I had entered cheats and raised hell around Armadillo and my bounty was worth around $4,000 dollars. I went to sleep with eye strain and woke up with a headache.

My drowsy face after my three hour gameplay of Red Dead Redemption. (Thanks, Greta Garbo.)

Oh yes, there I was riding my horsie and singing, “The Western HEEEROES!”

Well, now I realize that my cowboy violent game won’t get me ahead in life, so I must do my college work.

Yes, what is most important, even more than learning how to deal with costumers and learn about products, is school. My main priority is always school.

I was going to write two posts about my travels, yes? I will. I’m working on my post about Norway, but I am obsessed with detail, so I must work on shortening the amount. I do miss Europe. I had a dream about Finland last night.

I have also learned how to do my own makeup! I surprisingly don’t suck at it!

Oh, and one of my co-workers annoys the heck out of me! All she does is boss me around! She talks to me as if I were her servant. For God’s sake, the other day she yelled at me because I didn’t make coffee, even though I’ve never been actually told to do it. This is why I have to keep doing good in school. College for sure will take me away from situations like these. From being treated like a servant, I mean.

Tell me how to do my job again. I freaking dare you.

I just wanted to write this because I missed my blog, but it’s taking some time…

Hey, hey, hey! Election day is comin’ up! Don’t forget to vote November 8th, if you are an American 🙂 Two more weeks!

I’m voting for my darling Donnie and hopefully my vote will be counted! Yay, Amerrrica!

By the way, I read somewhere that Forbidden Paradise is going to be restored. If you are a big Pola Negri fan like me, you should be jumping from glee! God knows I love a restored Pola. Her beauty is captured better and so are her expressions. I don’t know if this is true, but I hope the film is restored!

ALL RIGHT. Better be going back to faunal remains and teeth marks on bones. I’m no Temperance Brennan, so I’ll try my best to understand.