It is Marc Bolan’s birthday

Even though I am dealing with a big load of college work, I am dividing part of my time to dedicate this day to Mr. Bolan.

He told us to ride a white swan! (Right now Pandora is playing “Ziggy Stardust” right after one of his songs ended…Shock! He was better than Bowie!)

Anyway, today I will blast the copy of A Beard of Stars, which I bought during my trip to Helsinki, and sing along while thinking at the same time of Marc Bolan’s and Mickey Finn’s love album.

He was a diva! I read somewhere in which he was quoted to say that if God met him, he would cry.

It all started with “Rabbit Fighter”. Actually, no. It started with the movie Breakfast on Pluto. There I was, re-watching it for the fourth time probably, and in the scene where Kitten is dancing, the subtitles read: “Children of the Revolution” by T.Rex playing.

T.Rex? What a weird name for a band, I thought. Must’ve been some weirdoes from the 70’s. I did look Mr. Bolan up some years ago, but I thought he looked weird.

Yet, “Children of the Revolution” always stayed in my heart. The song reminded me so much of the movie. It still does.

I tried listening to The Slider years ago, but it sounded so rock n’ rollish that it bored me. I was still stuck in my heavy metal phase and I wanted something more like The Doors if I was going to listen to classic rock.

Around June last year I downloaded the T.Rex radio in my Pandora to just give them another try. Some songs sounded okay. Some were too poppy and repetitive. Then I heard “Rabbit Fighter” and it sounded…magically interesting. The album cover of The Slider is mystical.

Months later, I had already found the catch to some songs, and then Pandora proceeded to play them twice a day. I found myself humming those tunes in my spare time!

The Chrome Sitar and the Give you all of my loooove!

Then around Halloween I heard The Slider….It was groovy…sort of catchy. A month later I bought it and I only seemed to like three songs! It was yet another album, which I would leave on the shelf for years maybe.

I was still infatuated with Fields Of The Nephilim, so moving to another English band from a decade earlier took some adjustment.

I heard it more and more times only to listen to “Rabbit Fighter”. God, I love that song.

Then I found a book about Mr. Bolan’s life and always skimmed through it when I visited my favorite bookstore. The first quote of his’ that I liked was: “I think I am a child. Everything blows my mind.”

I was into Lord of The Rings back then, so I thought it was fascinating that he also liked the story.

During December, I was quite blue, so I found a slight consolation from T.Rex. A month later I had finally had felt mesmerized when I listened to The Slider. On that same day I bought a book of his life and learned that he had faults. I thought he seemed a very pleasant person, but he dealt with internal hells just like anybody.

Yes, from thereon it was T.Rextasy all the way. I don’t know why, but the music just started to sound great…I found the catch to almost everything! (However, Bolan’s Zip Gun was quite annoying to listen to.)

Well, that’s pretty much how the story has been. I hope he is having fun wherever he is, as I still think he exists somehow, 69 years after his birth.

During this short, tedious summer, T.Rex is what kept me company.

It makes me sad how he left the Earth so soon. It wasn’t his fault really. However, I must always wonder…who agrees to be driven at four in the morning??

I’m just going to say that I like T.Rex much more before they got the singer Gloria Jones 🙂

The 1972-era of T.Rex was possibly the finest one!

Or the first two albums with Mr. Bolan and Mickey Finn…which are incredible. Those two were one hell of a duo.

Marc Bolan probably identified himself with Norma Desmond, as Sunset Boulevard was one of his favorite movies. He is someone from classic rock that I actually really like, even more than Jim Morrison from The Doors.

I still love that tea-party sequence in Born to Boogie.

All in all, I hope Mr. Bolan has a great birthday.

I’m the King of the highway. I’m the Queen of the hop. You should see me at the Governors ball doing the rip-off bop. I’m a social person. I’m the creature in disguise. There’s a man with a whip on his silver lip. Living inside my eyes. I’m the cat from the alley. I’m the fleetfoot voodoo man. There’s very little that’s ever said. All of which I understand.


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