Back to the Future

I’ve been back to the States for a week now. The jet lag has eased, so now it’s time to go back to the future.

This past year has all been about my trip. Now, it is about how I can be successful enough to do all I want (and probably go back to Europe).

Now what I shall focus on is college and work. College will definitely help me get ahead and work will prepare me for the difficulties and tasks of my future career. So, I am back to the future.

I’ve got to tell you. I miss Europe with a passion. Yet what I miss the most is Finland. I didn’t know that I would love Finland so much. I miss taking the trams and walking around the park (most notably Kaivopuisto).

I miss Finland so much I cried when the plane ascended to go back to Oslo.

But, enough of that! I will write about of both Norway and Finland in other posts. I will. I just need my sister to send me her pictures because mine came out crappy thanks to my darling camera.

At first, jet lag felt like this.

Waking up at two am in Norway.

I’m just going to declare that no matter how many difficulties arise, whether financial or emotional or whatever, I will live in Helsinki. However, I do not want to attend the university there to study my career, as it does not have a great film program. For that I will probably need to go to Germany or even maybe The Netherlands!

Learning Finnish in the Helsingin yliopisto (Helsinki university) does sound fantastic!

But, all in the right time. Baby steps. I need to get through community college first. Then university. Then possibly a transfer? Definitely to Europe.

I broke my own rule. I brought back the topic of my trip again. Avast!

Work. Hmm. I finally got a job. It took like six months! I’m not a huge fan of my boss, but I don’t want to get too much into it or it will turn into a 2,000 word rant. She is caca.

My divaness reaches a level of Bolan.

I started training probably the next morning after I returned. I’ve had to interact with costumers, manage the cash register, and try not to mess up. I have a few times. There have been times when my mind went blank and I had no idea what to do.

At least the pay will help me pay off my credit cards! I will also save for my next trip, which will be, probably, in Finland. 🙂

How I miss Helsinki. This was my last day there; the rain vicariously took the role of my tears. I was sitting in the tram and saw the railway station, a place in the city I always thought of walking by.

Besides work, college was a little of a stressor. In Norway, I had to give some time to myself to read a bit, which gave me boredom tears, and then write analysis. I wrote and took quizzes online in a hurry, but still got good results. In Finland I got too lazy to do my work (c’mon I was in Finland!) so I didn’t get any of my reading done. By the time I was back to the States I had to do it all in a hurry, hours before the deadline.

At least I can start anew and so far I’ve done most of my reading for psychology, even though I barely understood how the retinas process visual things to the brain so it could make sense of them. Too many sciency terms! Thankfully, I am not taking anatomy!

After this I will have to do reading on archaeology…

Soon I will probably learn to drive 🙂

By the way, in Finland I saw more favorite film stuff of mine than I thought. Lubitsch? Valentino? All in the next post.

Norway was really fun as well! I liked it to the point that on my last day I was whining about how Helsinki was going to be boring.

At least now that I’ve been to Helsinki I can write my novel.

I am really happy to be writing in my blog again. I so missed it!

Planes are really boring! Traveling in economy for ten hours…Brr! As God as my witness, in the future I shall never travel in economy once my career starts!

The weirdest thing was that at two am (California time) we were flying over Greenland…Once I opened my window, it seemed to be sunny! Greenland was covered in snow. It looked like vanilla ice cream smothered with mountains of chocolate.


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