Spark of Hope (with Gene Tierney’s smile to help)

I think I did it! I may be getting hired very soon. I hope. I very much hope. I even prayed.

And I don’t pray. I prayed to Jesus and the Virgin Mary and God and Pola Negri and Tom of Finland (I consider them saints).

I had an interview at this big, fancy retail store and it surprisingly went good. I had not rehearsed my interview answers so much and I just jumped into the fire….

She seemed to love ALL my responses.

How would you remember the items of the merchandise? (or something like that)

“Oh, well, I know this is a silly example, but I used to play with my Barbies when I was younger and I was always able to remember their wardrobe by memorizing the color of their clothes, feeling them, and also remembering their size.”

Yes, she even liked silly examples such as that one. Thank you, Barbies!

I didn’t even know I had good answers for questions about costumer service!

However, it was the end of the interview, and she mentioned full-time. I made the mistake of telling her I wanted part-time, which was true, but I really want a job.

She said she was not hiring for part-time, so while she left to ask someone in human resources about part-time positions, I texted my family to discuss if I could work full-time for the rest of the summer. I wanted to say yes when the interviewer came back, but she told me to not make such a hasty decision and to call back when I had made up my mind.

After discussing this even more with my family, we agreed that I could work full-time this summer.

I went to human resources again and informed that I had thought about it and do want to work full-time. The interviewer said she would let human resources know.

Okay, okay. There was some trouble there, but I do hope I get hired! I am confident that she REALLY liked my interview. I even blushed and she didn’t care.

This position would make me work in a very high-end area, which means I would sell expensive stuff and not many people would be around, which is good!

I did want to badly be hired in my favorite bookstore, and even wrote a detailed application, but have not been called back yet! I did call on Monday and they said they had not finished looking at all the applications yet…

Yeah, so my goal for this summer is to find a job, primarily because I don’t have that much money for my European trip next month and I have credit card bills 🙂

Luckily my parents are helping me 😀

It was exciting though. The interview boosted my mood and confidence. It was easier to speak and make eye contact! It was much easier than my second job interview.

Before my interview, I visited the psychiatrist and we chatted. He ended up giving me a prescription for a mood stabilizer called Lamictal. I do have exaggerated emotions! When I am stressed and frustrated or angry or sad, I’ll immediately start thinking about death. I want to be stable when I go to Europe. I also want to stop my angry outbursts.

I am not looking forward to side effects though!

Besides my moody troubles, life is going fine, even if it feels that it is not going right.

I’ve been pleased once again by the art of Ernst Lubitsch. I re-watched Design For Living and thought it such an…original movie. With Lubitsch movies, the plot is strange, but it is just good in a way. Maybe it’s the jokes, or the actors, or the script. Oh yeah, in his films, there are always interesting quotes. Don’t make an issue of my womanhood.

But the other day just did it for me. During a boring summer afternoon, I watched The Smiling Lieutenant.

You should know that I despise musicals overall, with Cabaret and The Wizard of Oz as exceptions. Yet…with this film my heart actually had that warm feeling whenever they sang. It was classy, sophisticated, and delightful. Their songs were very sweet, even when Miriam Hopkins and Claudette Colbert sang about panties.

I did not have amazing expectations before my viewing of the film because it was, well, a musical and because it had the word “lieutenant” on it. God, now it is there in my top five of Lubitsch films. What a unique plot and ending as well.

I have to say that I love Miriam Hopkins. Her acting is so natural, but I also love how she sassy she is and charming. She makes me laugh.

I think in another post I will review The Smiling Lieutenant.

Anyway, I’ve been looking at birth videos of animals. And giraffe fetuses. I think my puppy may be in heat, since she’s about to turn six months. Too soon, too soon! She is a bitch dog who always bites me, but she is cute and I love her.

It will be sad to leave my dogs when I am away in Europe. Pavarotti is nice.

I am kind of bored this morning (summer symptom), so here is a song from one of the great Spanish-speaking singers, Miguel Bose, who looks just like his mother, and I say that proudly for the millionth time. That goddamn Amazon Prime put the movie with Lucia Bose I was watching back to Rent status!

I shall cross my fingers for my job! (Forgive me if my posts are vague, but summer is one of the most inactive periods of my life, which is why I think of my trip next month as an escape from the weariness of the heat and the walls of my house…)


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