My darling little blog is growing up. I can barely recall how my life was before its creation. Well, I do remember I kept more diaries. I do miss that…

But, besides that, I can’t believe I have kept it this long. Most of the time it seems as if I were writing for myself. That’s probably true.

I still don’t know for sure what Hear Me Talk of Sin is about. Is it about Pola Negri? Yes. Is it about my life? Yes. Is it about old movies? Yes. T.Rex? Marc Bolan? Donald Trump? Finland? Sadness? Frustration? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I don’t know who would read a blog with such different things, but I know I would. I am happy to write of my passions, even if it doesn’t mean much. I am happy to record my life, so I can later look back; the achievements and the miseries…

I wrote my first post in this creation of mine when I was sixteen and I thought I would be that age forever! It has been hard and it has been fun to grow up.

My dreams are coming true and it feels special to read my thoughts of how I became closer to them.

When I started this, I was a Junior and thought I would never be able to graduate high school due to depression, but I graduated on time and this year I will start college. The pride is immense.

Now, I see my future…Pursuing my career as a film director, traveling, and studying abroad.

Ernst Lubitsch cutting his birthday cake is what forms a smile on my face.

By the way, this year is going really fast. It hasn’t been a perfect year, but I am progressing and there is some productivity.

How am I different than two years ago on this day? Gone With the Wind may still be my favorite movie, though I have not seen the entire thing since 2014. I actually re-watched Breakfast on Pluto today for the 500,000th time and I can say that it is still my second favorite movie of all time because it feels real to me while being a fantasy at the same time. It is just a very special movie for me and I’ll probably remember it and say the recite the lines when I’m eighty.

Hmm, I do like Blue Velvet, but I don’t know if it is still a favorite. It is a good movie, though it is kind of sick. I went through a huge David Lynch phase when I was sixteen and I haven’t really seen his films since. I still will always love The Elephant Man and his Twin Peaks. I don’t know if he will be a favorite again…most of his films have too much weird sex on them.

I can’t believe I have not seen the second Godfather in probably four years! I remember I cried when I first watched it. I should give it a watch. Pacino’s best film!

As for music, I still like Frank Zappa…but not as obsessively. I would buy his albums and listen to them in order and talk about him and think about him hourly. Then…I just moved on to other things. I will always love The Doors and Zappa though! This year I am experiencing T.Rextasy though. It took a long time. I also used to be obsessed with the band Type O Negative last year…then I got tired. I don’t like heavy metal anymore.

I have got to admit that having this thing is better than Tumblr! That almost drove me to having a mental breakdown.

I still love the almighty Tom of Finland!

Let’s Celebrate:

Miss Miriam Hopkins.
Pola Negri!
Gene Tierney gets ready…
Christoph Waltz can’t wait!
Marc Bolan sings a tune.
Donald Trump dancing to T.Rex.
Pola Negri again…
Trump thanks God for America and Pola Negri (if he doesn’t know her then I shall introduce him to the Negri).
And Greta Garbo blows a candle.