Barbies were my greatest friends I had during my childhood. I had hundreds of them and would always spend hours playing. Grabbing a Barbie was like holding something that could spark the imagination! I created an entire country for them. Now, I can’t get back to that imagination sadly. However, it does not hurt to remember.

My favorite Barbies no longer…erm…look like they did about ten years ago or so. They’ve been to two countries anyway…


Rosella is the protagonist of the Barbie movie called Barbie as The Island Princess. This was a very big deal for me when I was nine. I bought her at a supermarket on December 23rd, 2007. YES, I remember when. That’s how special she was to me. I mean, look at that dress!

Rosella in the present…


I’ve had Rosella for quite some time now. She no longer sings because I put her in the water. I lost her crown when we moved to America. Saggi’s tail came off. I lost her shoes. I tried to comb her hair. I played with her TOO much. The dress is in fine condition though. Azul’s feathers…must be somewhere in this world, I guess.

Ryan the Ken

😦 He didn’t transition well. My sister and nail polish remover equal cruelty.


This was my favorite doll when I was nine. I created her character and my imagination ran wild. Chelsea! The famous Chelsea! I made her go through so many clothing changes…date so many kens…and anger her mother. I really love those old Myscene dolls. She looked like this when I got her. I am actually considering writing a book about her.

Chelsea in the present…

Chelsea has aged in these past ten years. I’ve combed her hair too much, as you can see that she is balding. I got most of the dolls I own in Peru, so they have actually been in a plane. They have lived in many places with me. The more I play with a doll, the more…damaged she is in the future.


I guess Kennedy has aged well. She is Chelsea’s partner in crime and best friend for life. Whenever Chelsea would escape the kingdom, Kennedy would go with her in her private jet.


Barbie_MariposaMariposa and the butterfly fairies!!! God, this was such a beautiful doll when I got her. I got her months after I had moved to America. I was so happy and made her fly and sing that song from the doll commercial.

Mariposa in the present…


Oh, Mariposa. I am so sorry. I was only ten…How could I be delicate? I lost your wings, your crown, but at least I still have your pink cape! Your dress and shoes…I have no idea.


I got this one probably either in 2004 or 2005. She was so beautiful! Her hair had wavy curls and golden braids…and it smelled wonderful. That was…until I decided to brush her hair and it was forever tangled. Never brush curls.

Barbie Pet Doctor whose name I think was Isabella or Isabelle

I remember coming home from school and finding the box of this Barbie on my bed. I was overjoyed! It must have been around 2005. She was the coolest! I used the X-ray thing as a television…Yeah, Isabella, I am sorry I didn’t take care of you enough. Your pants are of another vet Barbie! Your body is still intact!


Another one from Barbie as the Island Princess. She no longer sings because one day I made her swim. I’ve seen her cat somewhere in my room. I’m impressed even her dress survived!



This doll is a HUGE part of my childhood. She is from Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. I got her two days before my seventh birthday. I opened her a day before because I couldn’t wait. God, I was so obsessed with the movie. She was like a fluffy diamond to my eyes.

Annika in the present…


I vowed a long time ago to own all the toys from the film. Annika has been with me 11 years. I lost her crown. My sister threw away her wand by accident. I lost her shoes. Her dress is torn. She is still magical to me!

Raquel the Gymnast

There was an accident during a gymnastics practice. Her friend’s head is known to be lost.


For two days I had spent hours looking for the doll originally wearing this dress! My sister decided to look for it and she found it in five minutes! The original doll wearing this magnificent dress was called Amanda.

The one wearing the dress was Sylvia and my sister was cruel enough to chop her dry long hair off. I got her in 2002 and I took her everywhere!

Ah, the days of Sylvia’s youth.

Well, from this you can see that I really love Barbies. I plan on re-buying these dolls, including the ones I left in Peru, and collect them.

A result of my sister’s anti-Barbie sentiment.

*None of the doll pictures are mine except the old looking ones.