Today, I experienced my real dose of Twitter drama. For me it is a very lonely place, mostly because before I just used to retweet things about movies. This year, though, is my political year and things go berserk.

This morning began with a trending hashtag called “#TrumpGirlsBreaktheInternet”. I thought it was pretty cool because I never do see anything about Trump trending that is actually positive.

When I saw something about Trump female fans, I got excited! I felt I belonged to a group and I could contribute. I tweeted that Trump women were classier and more beautiful than those obnoxious social justice girls covered with tattoos, colored hair, and nose rings. That is mostly true, in my opinion. I’ve been to Trump rallies and seen protesters and I have to say that the Trump supporters were the best behaved and best looking people,

Well, anyway, I soon got a lot of backlash from all these leftist individuals. One called me a “ho” and said that Trump girl supporters were “ugly as fuck”. I also remember him making fun of my face.

And I hadn’t even posted a picture of myself with my Trump attire. I wasn’t so brave.

My sister posted a picture of herself, though. She also supports Trump. In about five minutes, her thing got retweeted so many times. One girl said, “eww”, and another one took notice of her “white privilege”. My sister is Latina and she wrote that she was a Latina Trump supporter and of how she wanted to preserve traditional beliefs. One asshole told her that she would still believe that until Trump deports her.

My sister had to mute her notifications. She was really surprised how many people would actually hate others because they have different beliefs.

I was really upset at how my sister was bullied and that made me realize this whole “feminism” and “equality” are a farce in this generation. If those millennials really believe that, then why are they attacking anyone with a different opinion? Isn’t their equality thing all about acceptance?

If they are such feminists and believe strongly in women’s rights, why do they bully these Trump female fans on the internet by making fun of their skin, saying they look like trash, calling them ugly, calling them traitors to their own race, and degrade them as much as they can? They are the ones being the actual bigots and misogynists and racists. They are what they preach against.

Liberalism in 2016. The best, folks.

You’re not accepted if your opinions don’t match what the majority thinks. It starts with the name-calling of racist, bigot, transphobic, blah, blah, blah. They won’t stay quiet though. They’ll refuse to even listen to your opinion. They’ll keep preaching about their ultra leftist beliefs. Yes, and then they will try to censor you. Then they might actually hurt you.

You see this all the time in Donald Trump rallies. Liberals get very pissed off that others don’t agree with them, so they will insult them and sometimes even punch them.

This is why I don’t buy any of this “progressive” movement crap. I don’t believe feminism is even feminism anymore. There is still racism around…People of color are racist as well. Ever heard of the Black Lives Matter movement? Man, those people are extreme. If people preach about accepting everyone, but actually don’t do it, I don’t buy it.

This is why I will never be a liberal in this day and age. It just went too far. People do deserve rights, but this is just going overboard.

Yesterday I was really upset when I saw that these trans (or queer?) people were burning the American flag in a gay pride parade in San Francisco.

……Why? What is the point of doing that? Your Obama legalized gay marriage. You can kiss in public. You can work if you are gay. You can be open about your sexual orientation and the majority probably won’t have a problem with it.

Why disrespect a nation that has given you so much? Why be so ungrateful? America has given me so much opportunity. I actually really disliked it a first, but then I learned to appreciate it. I grew up in a country where there’s an actual rape culture and a lot of crime and racism. Many are homophobes there! That is the reason why I was so happy to move here. I assumed people here were less ignorant.

You know, were these people to live somewhere like, say, Saudi Arabia, they would be stoned to death for dressing in a different gender, kissing a person of the same gender, or for even admitting they like the same gender.

I’m sure they were thinking of all the American soldiers who were killed fighting for what that flag represents. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind to go fighting for their country.

This disgusts me. If they hate America and its “inequality” and its “injustice” and its capitalism so much, they can leave. Where would they go? I couldn’t care less.

America is not loved anymore. I’ve only lived here eight years and “The Star Spangled Banner” still makes me emotional.

Trump is the one who inspired me to reclaim my patriotism. The other presidential candidates are all about foreign things.

My favorite actress, Pola Negri, was more than overjoyed when she became an American citizen on January 12, 1951. She was an immigrant from Poland who had endured poverty and war. I am sure she would have never desecrated an object representing the nation that had given her so much.

Here she is when she became a citizen. Look how proud she looks!

An example of a person who deserved to live here because she respected the American values and laws.

We need more people like you, Pola.

I hope this oppressive movement of censorship can end. This intolerance and hatred for something different. This is why I believe we need Trump for this country.