I don’t write much about world news, but this certain topic which I shall discuss has made me quite angry since yesterday.

I’m angry at what level of lunacy the world is reaching; but I am more angry at home people in the country I live in are dying because of different beliefs.

Okay, let me be more clear.

About two days ago at night, a radical Islamic extremist shot about fifty people in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

I’m a supporter when it comes to gay rights. I think people should love whatever gender they want and marry whoever they want.

But, I am not okay when some person chooses to kill people because his religion convinces him to.

I don’t even want to name this man…his own picture disgusts me.

What made me angry, however, was that not even the president himself or even Hilary Clinton could address that this problem was because of radical Islam.

I mean, seriously, Obama has enabled this terrorism. He’s letting many refugees here and immigrants without thoroughly checking their history! It’s as if this is just another “hate crime”. No, sir, this is about radical muslims,

This is about Islam. It was about Islam when the Twin Towers crumbled to the ground. It was about Islam when those people in Boston were bombed. It was about Islam in France. In Belgium. And so many countless attacks.

I’m not saying that this is the religion’s fault really. I am just saying many of the followers have gone too far with their beliefs.

I am pissed off that as a nation the problem against Islamic terrorism is not being addressed. We are at war with those wacko muslims that want to kill people.

This man could’ve been stopped, surely. Hilary Clinton’s organization stopped the investigations on his mosque because they didn’t want to offend muslims. That just….that just…made me despise Hilary Clinton with all my heart. With all this fear of breaking free of this web of political correctness, the country of the United States of America is getting seen as an easy target. Wackos think it is a piece of cake to go on killing sprees.

Many people are blaming this on guns. They want guns to be banned. Well…anyone could get a gun…regardless of the law. France had strong anti-gun laws in that night where about a hundred people died in a terrorist attack!

The leftists right now are supporting the gun ban. Of course, that is how they think they will fight ISIS and terrorism.

When the muslims come shooting at us, we can just tell them, “You can’t shoot us because guns are banned!” (to quote my sister)

I rightfully believe people should defend themselves if a maniac is running loose with weapons.

I think banning guns is the most absurd way we can fight this horror. This is about the fourth major attack in the world in the last six months caused by Islamic terrorism. Obama and Hilary are weaklings, or pussies, as I so angrily and profanely called them in my head today.


Hilary, were she to get elected, would accept thousands and thousands of refugees from countries associated with terrorism, and probably wouldn’t have strong investigations on each person coming in, because she doesn’t want to “offend”. You know, I think with such idiotic policies and responses she lost the election today.

By being nice and politically correct and acting like our country can admit just anyone, we have been treated with disgrace with bombing and shootings.

I can’t really think of a solution to this problem that is massively affecting this nation.

I do support Donald Trump’s ideas and what he says. He knows who the enemy is and knows what he is going to do. He is not afraid to address a problem. He does not stay quiet. He may be controversial and seem a little harsh, but to me he is the best choice and I know he means well. He gets things done…as he has in his business career. I truly think Donald Trump is the rightful candidate that offers actual change and doesn’t sit around and watch more people get shot, unlike Obama, who once again never declares we are at war and treats this as an act of usual hate crime.

To me, he understands that this stuff will keep happening if we are not smart. If we keep letting political correctness hinder our abilities to protect ourselves, we will be surely destroyed as a nation.

I am young and frustrated and am sick of always hearing more news of someone dying because of terrorism. I don’t think America will be thought of as powerful anymore if the president keeps acting like we live in rainbows and everybody is kind. The world is not a John Lennon song.

The terrorist had called 911 himself and told them he supported ISIS. Yet he wasn’t arrested.

Another problem is probably the fact he may have been a closeted homosexual. Like that man in American Beauty.

I don’t feel safe with the leaders of America today. I remember after the Paris attacks I couldn’t sleep the first night. They’re letting people die and they think a statement from the president and a moment of silence will make it okay. I want a president that makes his first priority to fight terrorism, because it frightens me every day, even when I go out to public places. In my opinion, I don’t think what is important right now is a policy about feminism, transgender bathrooms, allowing illegal immigrants to come in, or letting people have abortions if they like. People are getting killed. One can live if they don’t go to the bathroom they desire to go to. One can live if a woman doesn’t get the high regard. But when people are killed unfairly, they will never come back. Terrorism is a huge issue affecting this country today. This is important.

Well, what can most likely describe my post is Donald Trump’s speech from today. Even if one disagrees with him, he or she can learn that he knows what is happening and he is speaking outright about what he plans to do. It was one of the best speeches I have ever heard and probably the best from him. Mr. Trump spoke from frustration.

“Hillary Clinton can never claim to be a friend of the gay community as long as she continues to support immigration policies that bring Islamic extremists to our country.”

I’ve never agreed more on a political statement. Trump speaks truth.

I want to say R.I.P. to the victims of Orlando. I really hope this doesn’t happen anymore. No one should die because of what they believe in or who they love. May they rest in peace.