It was one of the proudest things I’ve ever done since I came to this country. I felt I was contributing; that I was a part of a group.

I awoke at late five in the morning and started dressing, as I also was going to have a job interview in some hours.

At seven, my sister and I drove to a place five minutes away to vote. It wasn’t full at all! There was a little issue. I had forgotten to bring my ballot I got by mail, and so did my sister. My eyes were burning from tiredness! I had stayed up preparing for my job interview.

So, we got a provisional ballot and voted on the machines.

I was very proud and excited.

It was all done in the machine. I am registered in the Republican party and felt like jumping from glee when I saw Donald Trump’s name under all the other Republican candidates. Proudly, oh so proudly, with my index finger, I pressed the little square next to his name and thus a checkmark appeared. After voting for other candidates for Senate and such, my ballot was submitted and the machine said my vote was recorded. I was actually a part of something!

Really, I felt so patriotic. Trump makes me feel patriotic. He is most proud of America, compared to the other candidates who care more for foreigners.

Anyway, it was all done in about twenty minutes. I got my “I Voted” sticker!

In social media most of those who post about the California primary are all about Karl Marx’s paramour, Bernie Sanders or the hag witch, Hilary. How it pains me to live in such a hippie state!

Regardless of who anyone votes for, I am glad that my opinion matters when it comes to choosing a leader. It is a grand feeling when one is part of a democracy. I am thankful that I live in a country with such freedom.

By the way, I passed my first job interview! Soon I will have my second one….

My favorite picture of Donnie.

Trump will make America great again! ❤

My sister dedicates him the song "Million Dollar Man" by Lana Del Rey.