Oh, Donald Trump…The most talked about person on this planet at the moment. Is it really possible for a normal citizen to shake his hand or see him on the street? Nah, of course not. He’s incredibly close to becoming president!

I did get to see him some feet away, however. I plan to be closer if he has more rallies near my area.

Lately in this tedious summer (oh, so tedious on the premise that I have nothing to do and am waiting for August) I have been blue. Such grand things are happening, but my road to stability still remains rocky.

In the last day of May, I was going through Donnie Trump’s Facebook page just to see if he had any events near me. Once I learned he did my heart jumped and I called my sister to my room immediately. Trump was going to have two rallies about an hour from my area.

I thought it would be impossible to even get tickets, as I thought they were probably around two hundred dollars or even sold out. It was quite easy to get them, thanks to my sister. My sister and I celebrated the fact we were going to see an iconic man and possibly the future president of the United States of America. It’s a good story to tell to my future grandkids. I mean, how exciting! We were going to see the most famous person on Earth!

On June 1st was his rally in Sacramento, California. I…am not a big fan of that city because every time I have been there the temperature has been boiling and the car ride lasted an eternity. I wanted to go hours earlier because I knew there was going to be traffic lasting eons and probably thousands of people. I kept imagining Trump was going to park his plane near our vehicle and let us fly to the rally with him.

Well, no, it didn’t happen sadly. I made plans for the day that before the rally I was going to take my pictures to renew my passport, since mine expired when I was ten and I am travelling in two months.

So I took the pictures and then went home to eat dinner. By the time we were done it was ten minutes until six in the afternoon and the rally was to start at seven. There was a bunch of traffic…I was nervous and anxious we weren’t going to make it. Bernie Sanders was also going to have a rally in the same city, which explains why the streets were congested. We arrived at 6:53 and could’ve made it if only the parking had not been full. We parked far from the rally and had to walk about twenty five minutes. I was wearing a black formal dress (like business attire) and black boots. It was around ninety degrees and my whole face was sweaty. Walking to the rally and crossing the freeway road, we experienced some interesting responses. Some smiled, others complimented, and one told me to “go jump” because Trump had left the rally already. By the time we arrived he was gone.

Morale: always arrive hours before a Trump rally.

There were about 10,000 people all over, including the protesters. My sister and I stayed outside for a bit to buy some merchandise. I looked around and saw very amusing individuals…Some were dressed excellently. A man was wearing Gucci glasses! I noticed there were no thug supporters. People looked at me and I didn’t feel judged. It was the first time that I was not anxious to be in public among people…Well, to a certain degree. I was really proud to be there because I was among people who shared my beliefs. I felt I belonged finally. I felt accepted.

And then I saw the famous protesters. These thankfully were not violent (as far as I know), but were still quite annoying. It amused me to see a Republican man arguing with some liberal. It was funny to see how passionate and heated people can get because of their beliefs. The FUCK DONALD TRUMP signs were there…AMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT….FASCIST TRUMP…and more things like that. I rolled my eyes and smirked. I assume these people couldn’t get into the Bernie Sanders rally? Or actually don’t work?

After buying a shirt and a pin, we left and my feet hurt like hell. A girl looked at me and smiled. Finally…I felt accepted even by young California females, who I always thought judged me when I was in high school.

I was quite sore that we drove so far and walked so much and did not get to see or hear Donald Trump. “The things we do for that fucking billionaire!” I jokingly told my sister as we walked back in the heat.

We made plans to attend the rally in San Jose the next day. I groaned at the thought of San Jose…too many people….and gangs….I knew there were going to be protesters. But I was not going to miss the opportunity to be in the same room as Donald Trump, the only person who gives me hope regarding change in this country.

I had to go to the spend about three hours in the mall, so I could apply for a job and wait for my sister to get off and go to the rally, which was about half an hour away. We surely wouldn’t be late this time!

It took me an hour to apply for my job…(I already got an interview!) and then I went shopping with my new credit card….I usually hate shopping…but once I actually had money I just wanted to spend it on everything that seemed pretty. I ended up trying on two shirts and buying one. I ate alone in a bread sandwich shop and drank a sugar cane Coke. How excited I was!

After getting a makeover from my sister, I had to wait forty five hellish minutes so she could get off work. The rally was to start in two hours. My father arrived about half an hour late and we were on our way at six…and there was a lot of traffic.

I was anxious and nervous and feared encountering protesters…I listened to A Beard of Stars by Tyrannosaurus Rex and had a blast. I was so happy.

We had to walk about a block to the rally when we arrived to San Jose. I mostly saw protesters and I felt angry…Why can’t they just fuck the hell off???? This is not their political choice or anything…so why can’t they just respect other people have other opinions?

Most of them were lovers of Karl Marx’s husband, Bernie Sanders. Why couldn’t they just go to their Lenin fan club and not attack people?

There were LOADS of protesters, a sea of them. Streets were closed off and cops were everywhere in sight. I was thankful my sister and I were not attacked by these ungrateful thugs. Once again, the signs were MAKE CALIFORNIA MEXICO AGAIN, AMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT, BERNIE, FASCIST TRUMP, something about Mexico and more liberal crap. The dumbasses were trying to oppress our freedom of speech. Apparently in this era freedom of speech is only acceptable as long as the majority can agree with it. That’s what makes me more proud to be part of the silent majority of the Donald Trump supporters.

Anyway, my sister and I carefully made our way through the lowlife, odious protesters and got inside the rally. I could hear Trump speak. I started jumping. My sister and I said, “Oh my God, oh my

After going through the metal detectors, we jumped our way to the crowd….It was packed. So many Trump signs! Trump was actually real….like a person. I saw his five fingers even from a far distance. I have memorized his hand expressions. And, of course, he is blonder in person.

We all were seeing the person that gave us hope; that we believed in. We all agreed on what he said. We all respected him. When he asked who was going to build the wall, we yelled, “MEXICO!” and cheered. I believe every one was relieved to have made it to the rally in time. We were all proud to be seeing this man. There were some protesters that got in, but they were just losers wasting their time there. You don’t see me going to Bernie rallies saying, “FUCK YOU SANDERS AND YOUR SOCIALISM, YOU FUCKIN’ COMMIE!”

I actually have some dignity and self-respect.

I was so elated I drifted off during some parts of Donnie’s speech. I loved every time he would say, “Let me tell you a story…” He sounded like such a New York man!

And, oh yes, we got to his little comment about Hillary Clinton should be in jail. We all thought it was hilarious. It was such a little comment and it surprised me how anything he can say can make headlines and the media can continue to make him sound like the antichrist.

There was this story that he told us that was about a woman he hired. She had worked with him for years! Yet one day he told her to not eat a piece of cake because she was getting chubby, and she accused him of being sexist. Those people who are constantly offended by any comment that is made about women should really CHILLLLLL.

It was a bit of a struggle to get a closer view. A man didn’t want to let us see and he was tall. He left in the middle of the rally. How fun it all was!

There was this bizarre moment in which I just stared at Trump….and amid the crowd and everything….I saw him sitting…SAW him…in the Oval Office…speaking. I even saw the brown chair and the American flag behind him. That’s when I knew I definitely want him to be president of this country.

I also realized I’m probably going to end up marrying a conservative man.

I got a little emotional when at the end he said, “Make America GREAT AGAIN!” All of us supporters yelled the same.

He is such a funny guy to see, even when he is talking about politics. He doesn’t always has to be cautious of what he should say…He is just there talking comfortably as if we were his pals.

It was like seeing a band…Everyone had shirts and merchandise…and we all admired the same person and were there for the same purpose. The weird thing is that I wasn’t jealous of his fans. I was quite happy he had a bunch. Ahh, Melania. And Ivanka. I knew what he talked about. I was familiar with it all.

When he left, people started to leave and I wanted to do so, too. Fortunately my sister decided not to because there were too many people getting out. I am so thankful we didn’t leave immediately because those who got out quickly encountered protesters, and many of them were violent thugs.

Trump was actually signing autographs to the people of the front row. Now everybody wanted to go in front! Some managed to. There were so many fans that we could not really see him.

When he comes back for his general election rally, we will go hours before the rally and, as God as my witness, I will get an autograph.

We stayed to buy more merchandise…and I obviously could not wear it in public because of the protesters attacking. It’s now gotten to the point in which one will be assaulted for supporting a presidential candidate.

I was so happy! I saw one woman who had a Ken Trump!

Walking outside I saw protesters just standing there and one stared at me. For a minute I realized that we were all people, but believed in different causes when it came to the leadership of this country. I thought it was cute the Bernie supporter holding her anti-Trump sign stared at me. I still look like I am fourteen.

There was still the sea of protesters outside but now they were barred off. The cops were protecting us. We thanked them.

We left right before the protests got ugly.

Trump supporters were punched and one even got his shirt ripped off while he was walking.

Thugs were holding their Mexican flags saying that America was never great. And then they were burning the American flag. Oh, that just makes me very angry.

You see, they live in a land in which they are allowed to protest like that and hold their retarded signs about how America is evil. If they are so oppressed and unhappy, especially those holding the Mexican flags, they can just go back!! Fucking soldiers have died for that flag….to protect their freedoms! But, no, they show how ungrateful they are by desecrating a holy object that symbolizes this nation.

Seriously, these thugs piss me off so much they should be dumped in Syria for six months and then they’ll appreciate how good they have it here!!! Ungrateful cunts!

I also noticed they were protesting about how Trump wants to deal with illegal immigration. Hmm…let’s see…this makes them angry! They’re also angry they probably have to find a job because free meal tickets will go bye-bye.

Well, F you, protesters, we are sick of people not respecting the law by living undocumented and getting all the sorts of benefits that people living here LEGALLY pay for.

They get more welfare! An illegal immigrant should never demand for special treatment and shouldn’t even be allowed to protest because they are not here even legally. America is not a charity case. You want to live in this land, get papers.

I am getting a job because I would never want to live off the government. I like to work hard and see my results. It’s not fair that people who do not go through the tiring process of getting and waiting for a Visa can just be here and demand benefits.

I wish all of the violent protesters burning flags and attacking people would have been arrested. Even the mayor of San Jose blamed Trump for this.

No, it’s not his fault.

These thugs are just proving Trump right.

This is the shit that is happening to my state.

Why can’t they just choose not to vote for him instead? They are the ones being racist, towards America. I am sure the media would never publish that.

I think they should be deported for burning that flag.

California will not be Mexico again. There’s already a trillion taco shops within three cities near me anyway.

If they are angry about his foreign muslims ban proposal thing, then that is their business. Really, opening the borders will not help. There should be more security.

This is why I have so much faith in Donald Trump. It’s sickening how people are behaving. The media will try to destroy Trump in any way, but he prevails.

You could assume that my Trump support doesn’t please my friends or even my family. The only one who likes him as much as I do is my sister. One of my friends thought I was playing a joke on people by supporting him. Most of them don’t talk to me anymore. I’ve earned some dislike, I guess, since according to them, I am supporting the Fuhrer.

If people can’t accept me, that doesn’t matter. If they choose to go along with everything the media tells them, that is their choice. I am still all the more proud to be voting for this Republican candidate in the California presidental primary in three days.

I feel good about believing in someone. Religion hasn’t hit me yet…or I don’t know if it will ever…but I like to have faith in something…to keep me going. I have felt incredibly anxious and rather depressed these last three weeks. Trump helps me, however. T. Rex, Donald Trump, my possible job, my trip to Norway and Finland, and college are keeping me going.

Anyway, these two rallies were a lot of fun, and if you support Trump or are curious about him, you should go to one, if you live in America. 

I hope America is great again. No more of this politically correct crap, the obsession with feminism, the obsession with millions of genders, or silencing those who have unpopular opinions.