This tiring week is thankfully coming to its end and unbelievable things are to occur in some months.

First, Pola Negri is coming to San Francisco.

I shall re-write that due to the fact that Madame Negri passed away in 1987.

So, every year there is the San Francisco Silent Film Festival in June, and loads of silent films are shown and lots of silent cinema merchandise is sold.

I went to the mini silent festival in autumn in 2014 and caught one screening last year in June. Yes, it’s expensive if you want to see all the films in all four days.

Well, anyway, I wanted to see what they were going to show in June because they may screen a masterpiece I absolutely adore with divine musical accompaniment.

As soon as I checked the webpage, I saw Pola Negri in A Woman of the World. My heart started beating. I read “restored”. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach.

I screamed in my head. I felt supreme happiness…an excitement I was unable to tame. It was as if my favorite band were announcing a new tour, since Pola is my second biggest obsession.

I’ve been waiting years for this! Last time they screened one of her films was back in 2012 with The Spanish Dancer but I was not intrigued by her as I am now.

I can imagine the merchandise…the talk…My starved urge to tell the world how much I love her and appreciate her. I hugged my sister and cried a little.

Destiny is going to be shown, too!

It’s in June 3rd! I have a copy of A Woman of the World, but it has very crappy quality and I wasn’t very fascinated by it. The story felt too American and I can never forget her German work. Since this will be restored I think that I will appreciate it more and maybe even love it! She did look absolutely fabulous in that film surrounded by rednecks.

I’m overjoyed! She’ll obviously top Louise Brooks! After all, Pola was more professional.

Anyway, that really made my week bearable. I’m getting very close to graduation! I’m in my last chapter of my course in night school. Only a month…a month!

I’ve done all I could to keep  my straight As. Due to my boredom with physical education, my teacher has offered to give me credit if I pick the weeds from the school garden. It has been…an uncomfortable experience, but at least kills time. It makes me feel useful.

My trip to Norway and Finland is in four months and I’m going to work in the summer to pay for expenses.

What a good year! I’ve been very moody lately, but all of this will pay off. Just about an hour ago I watched My Girl and every time I see that film I end up with tears rolling down my cheeks. I could barely swallow anything as I watched it. Vada seeing her friend’s body in the coffin…God, that is painful. This is a great film because I too felt the growing pains of being eleven. What Vada went through was just traumatic though.

One of the tortures of my night class English course is having had a lesson about the syllable count in lyrical poems, like abababaa or something of the sort. I had a headache and my eyes fought to read and I ended up failing the quiz three times. Only one chapter with four sections left and I will be done.

I’ve fed my musical hunger with my Pandora radio, but it plays me the same songs plenty of times a day! God, how I hate it when I can’t skip any more songs. Mostly there I listen to T.Rex, Fields Of The Nephilim, Cocteau Twins, ABBA, my favorite band, PJ Harvey, Tchaikovsky, and The Doors. Those radios have introduced me to many songs I have become obsessed with. For example, “Come Undone” by Duran Duran, which is one of the greatest songs ever. Or a cute band with a an album cover with an ultrasound drawing of a fetus, Sigur Ros. Or “Where Are You Going To My Love” by Brotherhood of Man.

Or the song, “Chrome Sitar”.

Or one of the most damn infectious songs that makes me feel all the more powerful…”Till Dawn”.

I’ve also been watching a lot of An Idiot Abroad with my sister. When is Karl never knackered?

I keep supporting Trump!! I call him Donnie.

Born to Boogie is coming out on blu-ray in June.

My puppies bite me. Doggy breath is unimaginably cute.

Woman of the world, yes, but not the world’s woman!