I can’t even sneeze or cough properly. I feel as sore after a workout.

I did work out, in a horribly unpleasant way.

These past two days I have been vomiting, mostly around the morning. I haven’t been able to get rest during the day because of nausea.

Today, fortunately, I vomited only once.

I have come down with a case of food poisoning. My sister cooked me a fish she later realized was from maybe weeks or months ago. Eating it was fine, but it was kind of disgusting eating something that wasn’t tilapia. Around seven in the afternoon on Monday I started feeling a pain on the upper corner of my head, but I just passed it off. I had been watching too much television probably.

Then on Tuesday morning the headache still persisted, and it was twice as painful. I felt as if someone was drilling into my skull.

I then made the foolish choice to take a shower. Showers always do ease my headaches. The bad thing was that all the steam from the hot water doubled the slight nausea I was feeling and I ended up vomiting in the sink once I was done.

I decided I wasn’t fit for school, and I wanted to get some sleep, for I was strangely feeling fatigued, even though I had gone to bed an hour earlier than usual. Lying and turning in bed made me feel more sick and I ran to the bathroom once again and threw up some more. This time my stomach was really empty that I thought I was going to puke my guts out.

I stayed suffering next to the toilet for almost an hour. I thought I was dying. I was probably going to die like Hendrix, I assumed.

Yesterday was vomit hell. Everything made me sick. I could barely even walk or speak.

My mother bought me an alcohol bottle that I could smell and mint candy. They seemed to work because I found myself starved after an hour.

Well, anyway, I am sore because I vomited harshly and my stomach muscles now hurt.

Today I had to skip school. I didn’t want to. I really didn’t. If I keep skipping I’m not getting my credits for graduation.

I had to stay home and watch a gazillion episodes of That ’70s Show just to get through the day. The show was funnier in season 2.

I’ve also been feeling blue these last few weeks and ABBA has helped me. Their songs carry a lot of sadness in them.

At least I’m finishing my Geography course by next week, I think.

My puppies are also very sweet pets. Greta starts crying outside my door and scratches it if I don’t open.

Today I ate some disgusting chicken rice soup, some croissants, a bit of a salad, and drank some Gatorade.

I’ll just go now…I pray to Tom of Finland that I don’t wake up nauseous tomorrow.

And happy St. Patrick’s Day!