It seems that telling your opinion still does get you censored and harshly criticized. I seriously thought that this generation was all about equality and free speech and being tolerant of others’ views.

However, it seems that the world has become so accepting that if you disagree with something you are labeled as a bigot, patriarch, racist, or something else.

You are forced to engage in a liberal catfight. It’s even become offensive to be yourself. Having light skin is becoming offensive these days. It’s like a communist society turned the other way around, but with liberals. Girls are becoming proud to be sluts, abandoning the bit of value they might have just because they’re females, and some are even letting themselves bleed freely during their period.

If you’re a girl and not a feminist, you probably don’t like “equality”.

It’s all become a trend. You disagree just a teeny little bit and you face chastisement for sharing your ideas. We’re all trying to be free but really we’re all imprisoned.

That’s why I haven’t always shared everything here. But, I am growing up and I realize I disagree with many things.

The reason why I even decided to write about this subject rather than doing homework is because I am getting fed up with the media, or society overall. There. I said it.

Some of Donald Trump’s rallies have been met with violence from protesters. Is violence really necessary? Did they even think that acting on that would change the mind of his supporters? I even read someone had died. By God, that’s terrible. Death once again because of political differences. Yet, this time, it is caused by the leftists. No, and I’m not buying the crap the liberals say that he’s the one inciting the violence. He’s just sharing his opinion, even if it’s offensive, and he has the right to do it. Yet here come the nice pro-equality liberals, the so-accepting ones, and bring chaos.

I don’t agree with the youth’s fascination with Bernie Sanders, but I don’t go around yelling at people on the street telling them not to vote for him.

These people really don’t have any morals or probably class.

Well, anyway, since I am no longer doing the P.C. crap after feeling so frustrated with society, I am going to say I do support Trump. He’s the only candidate that makes sense to me, for the most part. I’ve never been into politics, but the more I grow, the more I am beginning to feel life is passing me by and I am not a part of it.

These days coming out of a conservative closet is just as hard as coming out as gay. Even harder if you like Trump.

I don’t agree with everything he says. He’s much too blunt sometimes and says things abruptly. I do sort of agree with his immigration plan. There’s too many illegal immigrants and there’s a lot of the bad ones. I live in a city where there’s gangs and I attend school where 90% of the kids are involved in them. There’s the ghettos and the fact that I have to learn Mexican Spanish words if I go places that are Hispanic. Last month we were doing the Pledge of Allegiance in class and some kid said something like, “Fuck the pledge of allegiance! I pledge for the Norteños!” and I couldn’t feel more disgusted. Disgusted with the fact that there’s not even much patriotism anymore. It seems there’s not even much of America anymore, just mostly a blend of nationalist cultures who expect others to immediately accept them. Plus, some illegals take advantage of the government while other work their asses off. When my family moved back to America again, we lived in a boardinghouse owned by an illegal woman who kept popping out kids just so she could get more money.

There’s a reason why they’re called “illegal”. I mean, they are committing a crime.

Some immigrants are also trying to incorporate their laws in the American government. Sharia law, anyone?

Learn to adapt.

Bernie Sanders is going to open our borders to just anyone and I believe it will become easier for others to bomb this country. He’s also going to make my family have less money by raising taxes, so we could pay for others. And my dream university will probably be full of just anyone because it will all be free, right?

Burn the Bern.

I am glad to have shared this because it is my blog and I guess I do feel strongly about it.