Pola’s eyes brim with dominance


I really do love this photograph. I have got to say that pictures of her taken during A Woman Commands really brought out her seductive beauty. Her eyes dominate you. She’s staring, but what might she be thinking? Is she examining? Disapproving? Such eyes she had! Pola was meant to be mainly photographed in black and white, the colors she would often wear.

I quite don’t know the source of this, but I found it in a page for her in Facebook.

I can just look at this for some time and still be transfixed. Her image is inspiring in some way.

Months ago I went into this magazine archive website from the early 20th century and spent hours looking for Pola Negri images.

These are some of my very favorites. I don’t own these images. I found them here.

I remember getting headaches from saving so many pictures.

Anyway, Pola Negri was a beautiful woman. Pola commands.


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